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Sep 20, 2017
2017 L5P Duramax
28,394 miles and 1,406.3 hours on the truck.
OCI: 5,068 miles and 288.1 hours. (OLM @ 24%) In service from 7/11/20 to 4/9/21.
Out: ^
In: View attachment 53457
2017 L5P Duramax
34,588 miles and 1,790.9 engine hours.
OCI: 6,194 miles and 384.6 hours. OLM @17%, 4/9/21 to 1/31/22.
Out: ^
In: Mobil Delvac Extreme 15w40 (synthetic), ACDelco PF2232. Transfer case fluid changed, synthetic Dexron VI.
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Oct 23, 2005
05 Honda CRV, Just did two oil changes on this new to us vehicle.
Out: unk dealer oil

In&Out: ST Synthetic

In: 4.5 qts NAPA Syn Blend
Feb 19, 2009
The Woods of NY
2012 Kia Forte 2.4L 6MT 122K

OUT: Unknown oil drained with a aftermarket white filter.

In: 5 QTS of Valvoline 5W30 Advanced full synthetic with an OEM Hyundai Oil filter.

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Jan 2, 2004
2009 Toyota Prius, 188K
Out: Shell Rotella T6 MV 5W-30, Fram OCOD PH4386
In: Frankenbrew, FU XG4967.

My frankenbrew was the following:
.5 qt of Valvoline MaxLife FS
.6 qt of ST FSHM
1 qt of ST FS
1 qt of HP Lubricants Engine Cleaner
.5qt of Castrol Edge Bio-Synthetic
Remainder Formula Shell to the top mark on the dipstick, I needed about 400-500ml. So almost a gallon of a GII/GIII/GIV mix and who knows what antiwear/detergent additives - the HPLEC is a ester/AN based oil with a HDEO add pack with the Zn/P levels to prove it. The rest was standard D1G2 or ILSAC GF-6, so I’m guessing Zn/P is in the 1000s now, with a decent slug of moly from the Vavoline and ST(Warren tends to love Mo) and a trace of Ti(Castrol).

2019 Lexus RX450h, 20K
Out: Valvoline Advanced FS 0W-20, OE Toyota filter
In: Vavoline Extended Protection FS 0W-20, OE Toyota filter. Next oil change will be M1EP/CEEP in a 5W-20/5W-30 grade.
Jan 30, 2018
Northeast Texas
2014 Subaru Forester 6MT 2.5L NA
ODO: 103,434
Consumed: 4.5qt
Top up: 4qt

Miles on oil: 103,434 - 93,550 = 9,884
Estimated hours on OCI: 9,884/44 = 225
Out: 3 quarts Mixture of: Initial fill (1 gallon Redline 10w40 and 1.5qt M1 EPHM 5w-20) + 4 quarts top up blend (4.5 quarts Traveller SAE 40 + 2.5 quarts QSEuro 5w40 + 1 qt ETO2380)
In: 3 quarts blend (4.5 quarts Traveller SAE 40 + 2.5 quarts QSEuro 5w40 + 1 qt ETO2380)

Off: XG7317
Estimated hours on filter: 225
Miles on filter: 9,884
On: XG3593A

Car consumption status: 4.5 quarts over 9,884 miles (2,196 mi/qt) or 225 hours (50hr/qt)
Consumption is not very dependent upon RPM anymore; I'm glad because I want to drive this car over 3k rpm without conviction (the people stuck behind me do, too.)
Early in the OCI I removed and cleaned the throttle body and replaced the PCV with a "Standard Motor Products V554 Valve" (a steel-bodied one, because apparently this is the 3rd iteration of a PCV valve the FB25 Forester was given over the years, the second of which was an aluminum bodied one that supposedly broke internally and caused many failures. Don't need that one..)
Oil catch can is consistently trapping oil mist vapors now; caught about 8oz in total for the OCI.
I started to do blot tests at about 6k miles to see if the DD package was capped, but all the way to the change (checking every other day), none of the blots ever produced any such indication (halo feature inside blot), and always developed/finished into a tan color. (also, no signs of fuel dilution FWIW) Changed the oil and filter because I figured the filter might have a lot of deposits caught in it, and I don't really need to run the DD package to capacity, as that just creates more of a mess.
Tested new filter for leaks or fitment problems--none found.
2014 Subaru Forester 6MT 2.5L NA
ODO: 106,036
Consumed: ~1 qt
Top up: 0.5 qt

Miles on oil: 106,036 - 103,434 = 2,602
Estimated hours on OCI: 2,602/42 = 62
Out: 5 quarts mix (2.5 quarts came from prior D&F)
In: 5.5 quarts blend (5 quarts Supertech 20w-50 + 4 quarts QS Euro 5w40 + 1 qt ETO2197)

Off: N/A; starting round 2
Estimated hours on filter: 62
Miles on filter: 2,602
On: XG3593A

Had to replace the CV axle on the front passenger side. I drove my 2.0L Escape to work and blotted the oil on it. The blot developed with far less darkness throughout, and the oil was far less dark on the dipstick. I couldn't quite understand why the difference; maybe it left me unsettled on the age/time on the oil enough to just do the D&F. ...Very slightly lower consumption this OCI.
Aug 27, 2004
Katy, Republic of Texas
2015 escape 1.6 Ecoboost.

I think it had Castrol edge or magnatec in it last with a mc oil filter.

Put in below. Magnatec 5w20 with a Bosch distance plus filter
Is that oil and filter from an old stash?
I have not seen any D+ filters at any stores since the Walmart clearance years ago, and I know I got a bunch of that 5w-20 Magnatec in qt bottles on clearance from Advance Auto a few years ago as well.
Aug 2, 2019
South Central MN
2015 Mazda 5 at local shop. 135,000 miles. Cam2 0w-20.
Formerly was Thrive for the low-end, short duration option. I didn't get chance to chat with him why the switch to Cam2. But, I can safely assume it is cheap, bulk, and good enough... just like why he had Thrive. This car went 110,000+ miles on Thrive.
Also did a trans drain/fill.