Post your latest oil change

1995 Geo Tracker. 4.5 quarts of farm and fleet synthetic 5w30 @ 1.99 quart, 1.59 USA made Quaker state filter from rock auto closeouts.. Out the door for under 12 snackers. The beer cost more the the oil..
2020 Honda Accord (1.5 liter/CVT) 1,046 miles Out: Factory fill In: Mobil Super Syn 5W20 - Didn't change the oil filter
2014 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan, 3.7L, AWD 63941.0mi, 522 idle hours OUT:????, Fram Orange Filter IN: 6qt Castrol Edge 5w-20, K&N Filter [Linked Image from]
1994 Ford Ranger, 3.0L, Manual 4x4 206,785mi OUT: ?Forgot? 5w-30, Napa Gold Filter IN: 4.5qt Castrol Edge 5w-30, Napa Gold Filter [Linked Image from]
1997 F-150 4x4, 4.6L, 079,138 OUT: 5w-30, 6qts, O'Reilly House Brand High Mileage Full Synth w/ STP Blue Bottle Add-in, NAPA Gold Filter IN: 6qt, 5w30, Castrol EDGE w/ STP Blue Bottle, WIX [Linked Image from]
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2016 Hyundai Sonata ~4,530 oci, 86988 miles Out: mix of RGT 0W20 AND QSUD 0W20 I got on clearance. CarQuest R85344 filter. In: 5 quarts Castrol Edge 0w40 and Fram Ultra going for 4,500mi on the service monitor.
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2002 Volkswagen Jetta ALH TDI 508,145kms Out: 5W40 Rotella T6 and Mahle OX143D In: 5W40 Rotella T6 and MANN HU7262X Oil Changed after 7,813km and two years
2004 Volkswagen Touareg BKW TDI 197,344kms Out: 5W40 Rotella T6 and Mahle OX356D In: 5W40 Rotella T6 and Mahle OX356D Oil Changed after 6,933km 
2019 Ford Escape, 1.5L EcoBoost, 7207 mi. Out: Factory fill In: RGT 5W-20, Bosch 72161WS 2002 Honda CR-V, 2.4L VTEC, 168,781 mi. Out: Harvest King 10W-30 Syn, Bosch 72226WS, ~8,000 mi. on oil In: RGT 5W-30, Bosch 72226WS 1964 Dodge W500 Power Wagon, 361 c.i. V8, 45,750 mi. Out: Unknown, Purolator L30001. 6 years on oil (less than 50 hours running) In: Harvest King SAE 30 conventional, Purolator L30001
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2017 Toyota RAV4 hybrid. Out/Off: Castrol 0w-20 Bio synthetic and Purolator filter In/On: Valvoline Modern Engine 0w-20 and Purolator filter Sample sent for UOA Blackstone.
Ram in sig 4.5k mi on fill Out: Shield Choice 5w20 Mahle oc614 In: Mobil 1 T&S 5w30 Group 7 V2222

2013 Civic LX, 1.8 litre, 80K, unknown OCI, just got car for grand niece Out: Looks like quickie lube, Prime Guard filter In: 4 qts M1 0w20, Fram XG7317, new crusher warsher Belly pan was missing 2 fasteners and was a little bent up. And dirty. Leaked a little oil and atf from bad crusher warshers. I think. Dunno. Gonna fix it.
Wife's 2013 Lexus es350 78,000 miles...out : Lexus bulk 0w20 / in : Valvoline Advanced 0w20 w/ Fram xg 9972 ultra synthetic cartridge filter
2006 Tahoe 199,924 K Out Valvoline 10w 30 syn H.M. and Fram ultra filter. In Supertech syn 5w 30 H.M. and Fram ultra filter. Valvoline H.M. did not help my rear main seal leak, trying another brand. Mobil 1 will be next if supertech does not help.
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2019 Subaru STI Out: Pennzoil Platinum Euro-L 5W30 w/ OEM blue Subaru Filter In: Pennzoil Platinum Euro-L 5W30 w/ OEM blue Subaru Filter Changed as I hit the 6 month mark and need to stay warranty friendly. Had 2675 miles on oil and this gives me the chance to install oil pressure and temperature gauges so I can monitor temps when tracking it. Sending sample to Blackstone to see how the thicker 5w30 held up, may switch to Valvoline 5w40 MST in the future.