Post your latest oil change

My 2013 Cadillac CTS, 89,493 miles Out: ACDelco Full Synthetic 5W-30, ACDelco Oil Filter In: ACDelco Full Synthetic 5W-30, ACDelco Oil Filter OCI: 8 months, 7,218 miles My wife's 2013 Honda Accord, 75,549 miles Out: Mobil 1 Full Synthetic 0W-20, Fram oil filter In: Pennzoil High Mileage Full Synthetic 0W-20, Fram oil filter OCI: 11 months, 6,009 miles
I still have most of my last fill of QS AD 5w20 but I removed the Federated PG241F and put on a new Motorcraft FL910-S, then I added about a cup of ST FS 5w20 to top it off. A previous fill of Havoline 5w20 oil seemed to cause my engine to make more noise so I've been working to get it quiet the way it was before the Havoline. I picked up 18 quarts of NAPA SB 5w20 by Valvoline and I plan to run mostly this oil from now on, with an FL910-S filter. NAPA / Valvoline seems to make my engine purr like it should.
2019 Nissan Frontier 4.0 Out 10/30 Texaco Pro DS, WIX XP filter (5,300 miles on oil/filter) In 10/30 SuperTec 100% syn, Fram ultra filter I really wanted to stay with the Pro DS and WIX but I prefer to just walk in the store to buy than ordering it. I knew of one walmart in my area that had the 6 qt box but it looks like they stop carrying it now. Waste of oil/filter doing 5k miles but I have to follow the manual.
1988 Ford Escort XR3i Out : Shell Rimula R4X 15W-40 HDEO ( Dino ) In : Repsol Elite Super 20W-50 Syn-Blend No filter change Just wanted to try how it likes 20W-50, the hydraulic lifters sound quieter, but cranking on cold start is noticeably slower, not sure if i should go back to 15W-40... we'll see...
2000 Jeep cherokee XJ 4.0L 189k miles Out: Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage 5w30; Fram Ultra Filter In: Shell Rotella Gas Truck 5w30; Mopar OEM filter OCI: Approx 2k miles, One year (always change at 1 year)
First oil change in the ownership of my "new" car- 2016 Civic LX 2.0 (non-turbo) 39,342 miles on vehicle 4,432 miles on oil and filter Out: Honda dealer bulk 0W-20 synthetic and Honda A02 oil filter In: Mobil 1 AFE 0W-20 and Honda A02 oil filter. Next lube service will be at 45,000 miles. Also had the first transmission service done; drain and fill using Honda HCF-1 CVT Fluid.
17 Honda CR-V 1.5 turbo 4 cylinder Out: unknown, Purolator tech filter In: Napa syn 0/20, Napa gold filter 15 jeep Wrangler 3.6 v6 Out: unknown, unknown filter In: acdelco 5/20, Mopar filter
2009 Nissan Xterra 4.0 87,500 miles/ 4750 on OCI Out: 5w30 Rotella Gas Truck Nissan Oem filter. In: 5w30 Rotella Gas Truck Fram XG7317 These VQ40DE engines are supposedly tough on oil. Doing a UOA when I drain this fill @ 5000 to see if I can push that out.
2011 CRV 114.568 miles 5045 miles on old oil out 5/20 PP Union Sangyo filter in 5/30 Mobil 1 AP with Union Sangyo filter . got the AP for $10 so this oil change cost me $13
2004 Chevy 2500HD Duramax - 169,000 miles Out: ST 15W-40 In: ST 15W-40 Filter: Mobil M303A, 20K filter Interval: 7500 miles 2014 Mitusbishi Outlander Sport - 45,000 miles Out: ST 0W-20 Full Syn In: ST 5W-20 Full Syn Filter: Fram XG7317 - 15K filter Interval: 7500 miles All my vehicles are on a 7500 mile change interval.
2013 Lexus GS350 f sport - 59602 miles Interval- 4508 miles Out : M1 5w2p In : Idemistu 0w20
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1993 Ranger 2.3 5k interval Out - Pennzoil Platinum 10w-30, Fram FPS8A In - Rotella Gas Truck 5w-30, Fram FPS8A
07 Chrysler Pacifica 4.0 v6 Out: unknown, mighty filter In: Napa 10/30, Napa gold filter 86 Chevy c10 350 v8 Out: unknown, unknown filter (label worn off) In: Napa 10/30, full throttle hm oil treatment, Napa gold filter
5/30 Havoline synthetic in my 08 Corolla...5w20 NAPA syn. in daughters 08 Elantra....the same in my 14 Focus..and Mobil1 5w20 in wife's 2016 Escape...
2007 Acura TSX, 85K, 5K OCI Out: almost 5 quarts of M1 5w30 High Mileage In: almost 5 quarts Valvoline Synthetic 5w30 High Mileage Left XG7317 on for 2nd OCI Great car.
2017 Jetta SE TSI 1.4L Turbo in Signature (42,133 miles) Out -- PP Euro 0W40 & Fram Ultra In -- PP Euro 0W40 & Fram Ultra Oil was ran 6307 miles and Fram Ultra was used for 2 oil changes totalling almost 15k miles overall.