Post your latest oil change

Chevettes were made until 1988. I closely looked at a 1988 Scooter as my first car, but felt it was too small and flimsy.
2007 Honda Accord 614,975 miles Out: Havoline High Mileage 5W-20, Fram Tough Guard TG7317 In: Chevron Supreme 10W-30, Fram Extra Guard PH7317 Approx 6,500 miles on last oil change throughout the winter. 10% on OLM.
2004 E-150, 235k, 5k on oil. Out: Castrol GTX Synblend 5w20/5w30 mix, Mobil one Filter ( served 2 terms ). In: Castrol GTX Synblend 5w20/5w30 mix, ( still have about 25 qts from Vatozone clearance years back ) K&N Filter.
2018 Ford F-150 2.7 4x4 Out motorcraft 5w30 MC Filter 26,500 IN: 5w30 Penzoil Ultra Platinum 5w30 MC Filter 27,800 Bought the vehicle and wanted to change it because dealers tend to overfill or not change right on these I've read. Level looked ok, just wanted to know for sure what was in it.
2017 Subaru Forester, 24K car, 6.2K oil. Oil run 9/23/18-4/6/19. Out: VME 0W-20, Fram TG oil filter In: VME 0W-20, M1 oil filter
2007 AcuraTSX 80K miles, maybe 3K to 4K OCI. Out: Quickie Lube stuff In: M1 5w30 High Mileage and Fram XG7317 I hate Quickie Lubes. The oil plug threads were a little messed up and the oil plug trap door was missing. My sister's car; it has had regular oil changes but nothing else. Gonna service everything.
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'13 Hyundai Accent, 103,534 miles Out: 5W30 Harvest King In: 5W30 Traveller Prime Guard POF4612 filter (old and new) I normally get my oil at Rural King, but TSC had such a good deal going on Traveller that I couldn't pass it up.
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1997 F150 XLT, 219,700miles Out: Valvoline Full Synth 10w-30 w/ Wix filter In: [Linked Image]
I love a good frankenblend!
09 dodge grand caravan out trop artic syn blend 5w20 stp stp filter in valvoline max life 5w20 and stp filter 88 f150 out trop artic 5w30 syn blend with purolator filter in rotella 10w30 T6 with QS filter
2005 Ford Freestyle 298,743 miles on car 3,026 on oil and filter Out; Pennzoil High Mileage 5w-20 and NOT TORN Motorcraft FL820S In; Same oil and Napa Gold 1372. The following pictures may break the internet...


2002 Geo Prism 1.8L Toyota Engine (203,501 miles) Beater car tenant picked up yesterday to save gas money. Told him with being a 5 speed manual & that motor combo -- should last him acouple years hopefully. New tires,struts,battery,brakes all the way around paired with no rust. Out -- unknown watered down black oil & STP cheapo filter In -- Smittys Super S Synblend 5W30 4.5 quarts & Fram Tough Guard