Post your latest oil change

1998 F150 V6 - Seemed like only yesterday (March 16th) when I hit 280,000 miles. Out: QSUD 5W30 with Purolator Gold Filter - I actually ran this a few minutes short of 10,000 with only one quart makeup oil required. In: Valvoline Synpower 5W20 with Wix Filter - I had this laying around. Actual change mileage was 289,614 and I anticipate running this until 300,000 before I change it again. _______________________
I should update... Toyota Prius, 138,800 miles - OUT : Mobil Super Synthetic 5w20 with Peak Syn 5w20, Puro Classic IN : Havoline Deposit Shield 5w20 Dino, Puro Classic Hyundai, 80,653 miles - Originally had changed from Mobil Super 5k to Castrol Syntec 5w50 but decided it was too heavy for my use. So, OUT : Castrol Syntec 5w50 @ 12 miles, stored into Max Life bottles and labeled IN : Valvoline Max Life Synthetic, P1 filter
2004 Chevy Venture 136k Out: Rotella T5 w/ PP 5w20 blend In: Rotella dino 10w30 w/ .5 quart MMO. Oversize Puro Classic filter
My 2011 Civic: Out at 68K KMs 4 qts M1 5w20 SN - 10,300 KM OCI PureONE filter In: 4 qts Nextgen conventional 5w20 - Will probably be 8000KM OCI. PureONE filter My folks' 2000 Maxima Out at 193,000KM 4 qts PP 5w30 Napa Gold 1356 In: 4 qts Mobil Super 2000 10w30 PureONE filter
1989 BMW 535i/5 speed 159,855 In: Pennzoil Conventional (PYB) 10w-40 / NAPA Gold Filter Out: Supertech 5w-30 Syn / Mahle Filter (2100 miles)
05 ford focus 60,000 miles 05 ford escape 79,000 miles another 05 ford focus. 92,000 miles All three received 1.5 qts. PYB, and the remaining 3 or so qts of Penz. Ultra. All 5-20 weight. Motorcraft oil filters. Previous oil used exclusively was MC 5-20.
2007 Mazdaspeed 3 Out: M1 5W-30 and OEM Mazda filter In: M1 5W-30 and OEM Mazda filter 2009 328i Out: BMW 5W-30 and OEM BMW filter In: M1 0W-40 and OEM BMW filter
2006 Scion tC, 100k miles. Used PYB - first time since the break-in oil. 5w30, Pure1 filter. Just seeing how it holds up after 99k miles of expensive synth! So far, it hasn't died on me smile
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2010 Subaru Legacy 2.5 NA 45K on the clock/7500 OCI Out: QSUD 5W-30 and Purolator P1 PL14612 In: QSUD 5W-30 and Purolator P1 PL14612 Firm believer in "if it isn't broke don't fix it." grin
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Back on 7/4/12... OUT: Pennzoil Ultra 5w-30 w/ Royal Purple 10-2808 oil filter [7,500 miles; coolant present in subsequent UOA] IN: Valvoline "WB" 5w-30 w/ Bosch D+3323(leaked) and replaced with ML 1002 + LUBEGARD® BIO-TECH Engine Oil Protectant
Yesterday, in the Focus: Out: 4.5 qts Peak conventional 5w-30 + a smidge of leftover MoS2, Fram TG oil filter... Mileage in service: ~ 5,180 miles. In: 4.5 qts Havoline conventional 5w-20, Pennzoil oil filter... Mileage planned: ~5,000 miles.
1 week and a half ago. Mobile 1 5w40 TDT with Wix filters in my '04 cavalier. noticed a little oil consumption every 3000-4000 miles thought id give it a try. I Have ran 5w30, 10w30, SAE30 oils in Mobile 1 5-30 10-30, M1-HM 5-30 10-30, Royal Purple 5-30,10-30 Kendall 30WT, Royal Purple SAE30, Pennz Platnium 5-30 and 10-30, Rotella T6 10-30, now M1 5W40 TDT. Ive read that these ecotecs are oil burners so hopefully the M1 TDT does the trick if not Amsoil will be the next step. For some reason I believe oil is splashing under the pistons and burning off so if the M1 TDT is good enough to run through a nice hot turbo I hope it would with stand the heat from under the pistons.
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2006 Lincoln Mark LT 8,200 miles on oil Out: 7 quarts Amsoil S.S. 0W-20 and Amsoil EA011 oil filter In: 7 quarts Quaker State 0W-20 and Purolator PL24651 oil filter
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