Post your latest oil change

Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Out: Motorcraft 5w-20 full synthetic / FL-820S filter. In: G-Oil 5w-30 full synthetic / FL-820S filter.
2010 GMC Terrain 2.4 out: Mobil 1 5w30 & Valvoline Classic in: ditto OCI: 7500mi (36% left on OLM...typical near black DI-abused oil)
Friend's 1987 Ford Aerostar 3.0L Peak 10W40 and Purolator 30001 filter (FL1A, takes a FL400S but there is a reason for the larger filter and different weight than OE 5W30) We flushed the engine with gunk HM oil flush, and despite having jack stands, air tools, etc. it took us about 10 hours to do it, mostly due to the cramped conditions underneath, and not backing the trans off the engine. we did put it all back together properly in the end. Now here is why we did that, the oil pressure gauge was erratic, even after he replaced the sender unit. So his idea was to dump gunk high milage engine flush into it, run it through for 5 minutes, let it sit for 20-30 minutes, and then remove the pan, clean out the pickup screen, replace the gasket, put it back together. I did not fully approve of this, but i figured that without me he would mess it up more than i care to imangine. After using the flush the internals of the engine looked pretty clean, at least what i could see on the underside through the oil pan that never came out fully, we used rags to clean the pan out from the flush. Will i ever do this on a ford aerostar way without 50 bucks in restitution. I did hte ugy a favor this time, but he is going to help me replace the valve cover gaskets on the sable, and flush the radiator.
2009 Hyundai Accent SE 30k Out & In 2.5 qts M1 0w30 AFE 24 oz M1 0w30 Racing 8 oz Lubeguard BioTech Hyundai 26300 35503 filter
2004 Ford F150 5.4L 136,500 7,200 miles on oci Out: Amsoil ASL 5w-30 and Bosch Distance Plus oil filter In: Pennzoil Ultra 5w-30 and Purolator Pure One oil filter
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2006 Toyota Corolla 63,576 miles 6300 miles on oil Out: Mobil 1 5w20 + Purolator PureOne PL14477 In: Pennzoil Ultra 5w20 + same filter (new)
2000 BWM 328i, 262,925Km Out: Redline 5w30, BMW Filter (MANN) In: AMSOIL Euro 5w40 w/MANN Filter Miles on oil: 4,544Km (2,823 miles) Note: This is a "cleaning" OCI. Pic thread for reference.
'95 BMW 318iC, 127,992 car, about 3K oil Out: Maxlife 10W-40, Purolator cartridge filter In: Maxlife NG 10W-40, Fram cartridge filter I put the oil I just drained in the car about 500 miles before I stored it for the winter. I still wanted to get 3K out of it. I'll run the current fill 4K and then UOA it.
2005 Volvo S60 - 99,000 miles on car - 5000 on oil. 5.1 qts of Pennzoil Ultra 5W40: 1 qt of Pennzoil Ultra 5W20 OEM Mahle Filter.
Out: Mobil Super Synthetic 10w30, 4,000 miles Mobil 1 Filter, 9,000 miles In: 4 quarts Shell Rotella T5 10w30 1 quart Shell Rotella T 15w40 K&N Filter that was laying around The oil had been changed 9,000 miles ago with Super Synthetic and the above M1 filter and the oil again changed 4,000 miles ago. After only 4,000 miles this oil looked very dirty in the drain pan. I plan on cutting open the filter tomorrow.
2010 Chrysler Sebring 18,150 on car 4,500 on oil Out-Mobil Clean 5000 5w30 and Bosch oil filter In- Valvoline NextGen 5w30 and Microguard oil filter
2011 Sonata 30,565 on car, 1,000 on oil Out- Valvoline Durablend 5w20 In- PYB 10w30 Factory filter.