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2011 Hyundai Elantra Quaker State Ultimate Durability 5W20 4.2qt. Hyundai Filter 2450 miles (my 1st oil change) Lots of little metal bits in catch pan from factory fill. Factory fill is standard QS 5W20 and the car really seems to like the QSUD
2004 Nissan XTerra 102,000 miles Valvoline Max-Life 5W-30 Wix filter Alternate when ML & Wix not available: Valvoline white bottle 5W-30 1 bottle STP oil treatment Fram orange can or ST filter
2001 Nissan Frontier VG33E 84,855 mi. Out after 5889 miles--PP 5w30, Pure One. In--Castrol Edge with Syntec Power Technology 5w-30 (the new SN stuff)----sounds impressive at least. Pure One 14610
00' Dodge Dakota 3.9 V6 Magnum Changed out Royal Purple 5W-30...K&N HP-2004 filter to: Mobil 1 mix 10W-40/10W-30/5W-30 (Getting rid of extras) Mopar MO-090 oil filter! Cheers2
2003 Toyota Corolla; -4qts G-Oil 5w30 -12 oz. Lubegard Biotech -MC FL400S filter 75,800 miles. Very quiet combo in this engine.
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2003 Toyota Corolla; -4qts G-Oil 5w30 -12 oz. Lubegard Biotech -MC FL400S filter 75,800 miles. Very quiet combo in this engine.
Please post a UOA of this!
2004 Buick LeSabre In : PYB 10w30 with Napa Gold Out : Pennz Plat 5w30 with Napa Gold Could not find PCV valve, was going to change it. Did find possible leaking intake manifold gasket.
2007 Ford Freestyle 112,000 Miles Motorcraft 5w20 Motorcraft Filter 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser 79,000 Miles G-Oil 5w30 Wix Filter
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2004 Dodge Stratus 2.7L V6 114,500 Miles Out: 4.5qts Kendall GT-1 High Performance Syn-Blend 5w-30 w/ Liquid Titanium (GF-4) +.5qt MMO & Bosch Premium Filter In: 5qts Castrol GTX Syn-Blend 5w-30 w/ TriShield (GF-5) & Pureolator Pureone Filter Got all excited seeing GF-5 Rating and "20% more deposit fighting detergents" and at $21 for 5qts and pureone filter I couldn't pass it up! MMO cleared up a slight lifter tick in a pinch.
Out (with less than 500 miles frown ): 2:1 thin:thick blend of Kendall liqui-Ti synblend and Delo 15w40. In: 5w30 Valvoline dino shop oil plus Valvoline synpower additive. I forgot to take off an old outdated service sticker and the mechanic accidentally threw out my nice new oil for some valvoline. So now my 'roo is going to run with the thinner 5w30 for the summer. It had a nice 50% larger filter for the 3l H6 engines too (from the subaru svt or xt6?), that seemed to fit fine despite the shorter threads. On the plus side though, my subie now does have a fresher manual transmission and brand new clutch!! So it should be good to go for the next 160k miles.