Post your favorite tool.

I'm glad you mentioned the light! Good lighting is often overlooked or taken for granted but is one of the most important components of work safety/efficiency. I recently switched almost exclusively to a Coast rechargeable headlamp even when I'm using my favorite tool (a BFH).
I'll never forget, about 15 years ago at a friend's party, he needed help assembling a foosball table and handed me a headlamp. I went out and bought one the next day.

The developments in LED lighting over that span have been absolute game changers as well.

Couldn’t pick just one however they are in order left to right.

#1- M12 screwdriver: they got it right on this one. Saves a lot of time and effort with interior panels and motorcycle plastics. The motor power is perfect as you can get a good feel for how tight the fastener is. The adjustable clutch works really well and when not on the trigger the motor is locked up so you can tighten by hand. Would never have thought this would be my favourite tool but here we are.

#2 - long handled 1/4” ratchet: I mostly work on motorcycles so 1/4 is a good size for these fasteners but I found I was often wanting more leverage so I went on the hunt for a longer ratchet. Was looking for a QD head and smooth swivel head with bonus points for a comfort grip. Snap on was the only thing that fit the bill but didn’t want to spend that much before I knew if I would actually use it much. So I bought a “Pro-point” for around $25 that check all the boxes except it has a notched swivel head. Also the direction selector is backward and it bumps out on occasion. It severed it purpose however and does have a smooth 90T action. It’s become my go to ratchet so I will replace it with something better, probably a Snap On of Nepros doesn’t come out with one soon.

#3 - M12 Ratchet: not much to say here. Use it lots because I’m lazy. I wish they had a super small 1/4” version. Wouldn’t even need much power IMO.
I can't just narrow it down to 1 tool. Here is a pic of my recently renovated garage. You'll see my obsession with DeWalt.

Picked up a DeWalt track saw a few weeks ago and it's a pleasure to rip and cross cut sheet material. I keep finding excuses to use it.

I know most of you guys are tool junkies too👍.


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