Post Your Black Friday SCORES..

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Those tool deals are petty decent. How busy was Menards at the time of the purchase? The GF and I went out Thursday night into Friday Morning. I couldn't believe how busy the mall was that late. The food court was even open. We just bought a few movies at WM and Meijer, but hit the stores after the main herd of cattle busted through.
Wife went out with a friend and I got some new shoes and a pair of pants. Since I basically give her my paycheck in return for $20 a week I did quite well! I bought some snow tires at the price I wanted to pay. I did buy a used bed cap too, but that technically wasn't a Black Friday deal.
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I scored some piece and quiet time by staying at home.
+1. I did have to run for dog food and was amazed at the ease of ingress/egress
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How busy was Menards at the time of the purchase?
I was there at 6 a.m. when they opened. The parking lot was full and had to park on the grass. Didn't have to wait in line very long.
I cleaned carpets at my wife's place of work, changed their HVAC air filter, and have a computer of theirs to repair now. I'll get a little extra cash from it, helping to pay for a dash cam, a Street Guardian SGZC12SG. Pretty good unit, handles a brightly sunlit shaded tree road well, and also having very good night vision.
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Nothing. No way in [censored] i will go to a mall when I can buy a few things off Amazon with ZERO stress.
thumbsup I scored by spending exactly ZERO dollars on Black Friday. It's a bunch of marketing hype to encourage consumerism.
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Nebraska 37, Iowa 34 in OT. UGLY,UGLY,UGLY game that Iowa should have won.Unfortunately, that makes nine wins so that clown on the sidelines with the red face acting like a nut will probably be around next year for another season of embarrassments. Seven years is too long to keep a three million dollar coach that hasn't produced one conference championship. TOO LONG Mr AD. TOO LONG. What we need is another nut cutting like we had in 2007.
bought some LED domelights for 1/2 price; about 1100lumens each. score a 3DS XL for my son for 129bux. got a GPS (my cars are all old, ditto with our cellphones) for 79bux. Fairly ok this year. Q.
Famous Dave's: $25 gift card with $10 additional gift card, for $25. Lowe's: 18.99 5' Werner fiberglass ladder to replace an older, less stable one. Orscheln: cat food, lounge pants for the extended family ($3.99 ea), assorted glove and work sock deals. Scored as many clearance deals as special deals here. Customer traffic wasn't all that large at any of the stores.
I scored an 8 hr paycheck, and a shift that was 45 min earlier than normal(5:45-2:15, vs my normal 6:30-3). other than that, just another day working @ Meijer...
This was the 1st year I ventured out for Black Friday. Well, Black Friday eve; got the 50 inch flat screen for $219 deal from Walmart. That was simply too good of a deal to pass up. First TV I've bought in 15 years.'s just friday to "black" in front of it. I get sooooo tired of the advertisers and media using catchy phrases like "Black Friday" to get everybody all worked up and spend money. It's like mind control or something. You can find PLENTY of items on sale all season long without having to fall in lock-step with the multitudes. Just another reason why I don't participate in massive gift buying for Christmas.
I needed a printer, I got a good deal through a Paypal promotion. No oil or automotive scores, although I didn't look for any.
Two years ago I went to a couple stores on Black Friday, first time ever. They were in a non-mall area so I thought it wouldn't be too bad. Total zoo!! I told my wife to slap me hard if I ever even think of going out on Black Friday again. John
Got a HF 44" tool cabinet I'd been eyeing and spent the day organizing it, and the garage. I had an engine crane that was taking up all sorts of space but I figured out how to fold it around a bunch of other immovable objects, so came out ahead in space even with the box. I went at 1pm and there were three in stock and I could check out immediately. By the time I pulled around to their loading dock they had it ready to load. approved I had to work, but luckily not in retail, and got double-time for that, as well as an empty building, an undisguised blessing.
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