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May 27, 2002
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About 3X a day a new thread is started on GC, German Castrol. This thread will suffice from now on. Use it to post pictures of the GC bottle, where to buy it, why to buy it, why not to buy it, why to talk about it, why not to talk about it, and any other why's you can come up with. Talk about the smell, the color, the lot numbers, the price, leaky bottles, the elves, how it works in your auto, why it stinks, why it is the greatest thing in the store. Why your engine knocks with it, why it made your tire go flat, why the engine idles slower, why the stuff costs so much etc. Have at it. Now all new members can go to one thread and it will contain all the info they can digest. So post away in here. [Cheers!]
Author Topic: Is GC ester based? rcy Member Member # 3350 posted March 03, 2005 04:03 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know we're still waiting for the results from this....;f=42;t=001063 but doesn't this....;f=3;t=002354 give a big hint? Here's the cut and paste for those that don't want a plethora of browser windows or tabs opening... My latest analysis had an unusual statement on it "Oxidation is not available due to the string interference of ester-based synthetic. Guess that explains some of the bizarre results I have had previously. At any rate it really settled down this time even in the winter, with fe-11, pb-0, cu-4 al-6, and tbn-6.8 Last time was first after I had my intake manifold replaced for a very slow leak and this time the NA is down to 5 finally. Visc is 11 and was over 15 last time with 6K miles. Gotta wonder if the techs go on occasional benders!
Only a THREAD? [Eek!] The ELVES will NOT BE HAPPY! They probably want a whole forum for themselves! LOL [HAIL 2 U!]
Destined to be the longest thread evar! Might as well get in early. [Razz] I am a GC addict. I used it in my V6 Audi for up to 6 months/11k consecutively and afterwards experienced no residual deposits in my opened oil filters I used with Auto-Rx cleaner. Consumption was really low and it was generally a great oil. I have links somewhere describing how GC aka SLX is used for 30,000km service intervals in Europe. I also have a link from Castrol on how SLX is supposedly the oil used by their DTM Team Abt in their Championship Audis. 2 oils in 1, race and extended drain intervals. [Big Grin] Supposedly it is Factory-Fill in 1.8ts and possibly other engines. For people considering GC verses the other Syntec from Belgium, the 5w-40, I would say the GC is better. It carries the LL spec, VW 503.01 that BC does not. Mobil 1 0w-40 carries it and so does Motul. Also, just because the SAE viscosity is lower, a 30, it is darn near a 40 and it's HT/HS is equal to some much thicker 40s, even though it viscosity is a bit lower. It pumps well and pours at like a million below absolute zero, so if your, doing a DIY on the Moon Buggy, this is the one to reach for. Joking aside, as well as all it's hot, cold and cool flow properties' it is a fun and unique item for oil junkies. I hope I honoured the magikal fluid's esoteric and pratikal aspects with my presentation. I'll leave the origin, composition and distribution cues to other esteemed members. [bowdown] [ March 04, 2005, 12:11 AM: Message edited by: Audi Junkie ]
well aparently Castrol Corp. has become aware of us being aware of GC. Was at advance auto and autozone tonight, for reasons other than buying oil, and Castrol 0w-30 was $5.19 a quart! At advance auto, I was dumping oil so I was in the back of the store and took a look at what they were hiding in back. I noticed one lone quart of Syntec 5w-40. Then I ran to autozone (looking for a transmission seal) and spotted a decent amount of 5w-40, along with 0w-30. Again, the syntec 0w-30 was priced higher than all other syntec weights. What's up with that? What's the consensus on the syntec 5w-40?
I'm glad all you greenie sniffers have a place to hang out! [bowdown] It's good oil but **** I'm tired of hearing about it! Especially when I can't find it when I need it. [Mad] I don't understand spending money to understand something that may change chemistries or dissappear tomorrow. For all the newbies I'll ask... Is it the yellow labels that say made in germany that is the elicit GC we are after? How is GC different from regular SLX? Proof? How is GC better than M1 other than it's a little thicker? [Patriot]
I think J-Lo uses it on her ... (behind) to get those tight skirts and pants on. Paris Hilton and Martha Steward use it for reasons not appropriate in this forum [Roll Eyes] As for Donald Trump and his former hairstyle... where do you think we collect GC from [No no]
That is my fault, I cut and pasted that whole thread in there from another poster. I did him a dis-service doing that, because I did not realize that they would not work on a cut/paste. [Duh!]
Elves?...nursery rhymes? Whatever are they getting at? Oh well... All I know is that it would be keen If all of us were "in the green' You know, if all the parts store shelves Were filled with oil made by Elves I guess I never will confer Topical weariness on the Elixer It's far too exciting to ever get old Discussing this oil that's good as gold.
Originally posted by rcy: So, is GC and ester or what?
Believe you will find, once the test results are posted, that a little juice of the coconut (ester) has made it into the formula.
Originally posted by rcy: Will the elves be angry with me if I try Esso XD-3 at my next oil change? I've been faithfully using GC, but the price of the XD-3 is too good to be true.
You can use XD-3 if you really want to, But to the elves, such a thing is taboo.  - BTW, that little green book on the table contains the secret formula of GC. [Razz]
Originally posted by rcy: Will the elves be angry with me if I try Esso XD-3 at my next oil change? I've been faithfully using GC, but the price of the XD-3 is too good to be true.
Saddened and perplexed, maybe, but not angry. They do understand saving money as they tend to be a frugal but generous lot. Enjoy your XD-3, but change it someplace that "they" won't see you doing it and then become morose....morose Elves are real "partei poopers."
I have taken pictures of an "05 batch bottle with one picture showing made in Germany, another picture with the 05 batch number on the bottom, and a side by side picture of the "04 and "05 showing difference in color. The "05 also seems "thinner", runnier. I don't know how to post pictures. I will try to learn unless someone is willing to help.
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