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Apr 4, 2008
Hi Guys,

Can I Use POR15 as a Topical treatment .. ?
What I mean ... I Have some rust on doors And I wonder .. IF I should ... sand door .. or just the part where is rust and around rust and use .. POR15 ..

I hope that I can use POR15 just on rusted spots that I don't have to sand everything ..

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You can't put POR-15 over existing paint. Only bare steel or oxidized, but otherwise solid steel. I have used the product with excellent results, but the instructions should be followed to a T. In most all cases I went down to "new" metal, and worst case being a few clean and structural sound pits in sheet metal.
Thank You ... to make it more clear .. what I mean :)

But what I mean .. should I sand whole panel .. or just rusted area ?

Like here .. Should I sand every bit of the paint .. or just a little around rust ...


Im aware that I have to use POR15 directly on rusted part .. not over paint .. But Im not sure if I can treat rust spots only or whole panel should be threated
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Thank you TOM.

Unfortunately I already order and paid for POR15... So I hope that It will do a trick too ..

Beside I can't find a dealer in Canada for Corroseal - looks like good product ..
I had a similar spot on a '90 t-bird. I just applied to the spot and it was fine. Just follow directions.
You don't need to sand the entire door.
For best results you should use POR15 Metal Ready prior to applying the POR15. It will etch the surface and also leaves a zinc phosphate coating which makes a better bond for the POR15.
I've used it several times and it works very well.
Just the spot - sand aways just to bare metal, apply the metal ready, etc.....

But the plastic panel - I would be curious if all is OK underneath - or did the rust start with a (large) chip as shown?
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