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Sep 8, 2005
Does anyone have a link to, or have posted, that article done by Popular Mechanics in 1976 on synthetic oil? I know it is horribly out of date, but I just thought it would be interesting to see what was said about oil and lubrication some 30 years ago.....
I think I've got a photocopy at work. Fortunately I won't be back there for another week and a bit. I'll see how it scans into a PDF, and if someone can host it, I'll e-mail it across to them.
i should be able to put it into my photobucket account, let me know if it comes out ok and ill get you my email address.
That would be pretty kool to see that article. It was my first exposure to the world of syn oils for cars. I even attempted to save it............. I read it but did not use syn oil till about 12 years later.
I have the magazine at home as well, if you other guys are unable to post it, I can scan it and create a PDF of it.
My eye doctor had a 1977 Popular Mechanics issue. Some pretty stupid stuff in there. My college studies at University of Pennsylvania were in History and Sociology of Science, so that's an "expert" opinion.
yup, the prognostications for the future are hilarious. We should all be commuting to work in atomic powered flying cars about now.
Hate to say it, but in 30 years people will be looking back on the stuff we predicted/did right now, and say the exact same thing....we have gotton a bit better, though, at not making such 'wild' predictions......
Sweet, Thanks big time It shows Amsoil used to be based in Plano Texas under MFGs list? Wow and to think I thought they were always in Superior, WI I will save this and treasure it, the Holy Grail of synthetics articles. Pat
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