Pontiac L6 SOHC

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Dec 5, 2003
New England, USA
went for a long lose the hangover hike this morning and came across an old wrecked and burnt car in the woods. This belt driven SOHC straight 6 was sitting about where the driver's seat should be. Thought it was interesting, an old OHC engine but not one that i recognized, so I took a pic and did some research when I got home. Apparently the car may be an early Tempest and this was one of the engines choices. Learned something new.
That was based on a straight 6 Chevrolet,the idea of the OHC head was John DeLorean's,he wanted a "European" type engine for their base powerplant.I guess it had timing belt problems once the miles added on.It was an expensive engine,and the beancounters werent happy with it,especially as a base engine.Tempests and Firebirds used it as standard equipment with "Sprint" options of 4 barrel carbs and hotter cams.Once again,DeLorean proved himself as a visionary.As thanks,he was made head of Chevrolet and handed Vega as his next "baby".Such was the politics of GM then,and today....
If you like that, you should check out "CARS IN BARNS" it is very interesting, and has classics out in fields, pole barns and all over adam
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