Poll: Most recognizable shotgun silhouette?

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Nov 26, 2014
Newark NJ
I do not know much about guns, but, for those who shoot.. I got to thinking today, about the most seen guns and weapons in movies. Or what the most recognizeable and identifiable shape and name would be.

For handguns and pistols, I would say a Glock.
For rifles, an AK. I know there are different AKs.
But, for shotguns?

I would submit either a street sweeper with a drum magazine, or a Remington M1100-P that may not be the exact name or model. Your say?
Remington 870 probably. Police seem to carry them a lot here, especially the LAPD. As for handguns, the Glock shape, or else a 1911 silhouette. For long-guns, either AR, AK, or Remington 700.
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probably a Remington 870

This would be the correct answer.
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probably a Remington 870

This would be the correct answer.

Checking up which one is which.

Remington 870 looks like this

Winchester 1887, Browning A5, Winchester 1897 are all much more easy to recognize than the smoother receivers of the mossy and remy scatterguns.
For me, the Remington 870 has no distinct profile. It looks like almost every other pump shotgun. For example, in silhouette, I could not distinguish the 870 from my BPS. The A5, however, is uniquely distinct.
How about Mossberg Maverick 88?

I should have specified... most POPULAR in movies, or common.

I looked and it was the first time I have ever seen an A5. Looked like a Henry repeater, from The History Channel "Tales Of The Gun."

Here is the Mossberg Maverick 88

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Thats an 1187, no? I have always like those, but never got around to getting one.

I feel that a movie-watcher could never make a real distinction between a Remington 870 and a Mossberg 500. Here they both are, respectively:



There may be some slight dimensional differences where the cheek rest blends to the tang, and there are certainly small trigger guard shape differences, but in general, both of these will look equivalent in an action scene situation.

The Browning A5 would certainly be more recognizable, with the flat top receiver with its raised "hood" at the back. Now...how many people would see it and say, "hey look, an A5"...I don't know.

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