Poll : Best DINO oil brand for Auto-Rx .

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Please choose only one oil
Pennzoil yellow bottle has a strong add pack with alot of detergent so I would think it would help clean and suspend the crud.
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Peak oil that was FAR from Pep Boys. They even threw in a free filter, perfect for using with arx. Why waste PYB on something like this?
+1 \:\!
The cheapest. I just put Peak oil with MMO on my 4runner today. PYB/Maxlife is on next oci.
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Supertech. Its the cheapest I can find around here. 2500 mile clean and 3000 mile rinse phases you dont really need much. Although if you need a filter the deal at AutoZone where you get 5 quarts and a filter for $10 is pretty good too. It may be a Fram filter, but I would bet that it held up to the 1500 mile filter change period during the rinse phase just fine.
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I vote for Castrol GTX. It has a good dose of calcium and sodium that will help with the cleaning.
My thoughts exactly.
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