PM For Gas Furnaces

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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey

My house has a gas hot-water furnace. It feeds lots of old-fashioned iron radiators and even one cast-iron baseboard heater.

My parents have steam heat/radiators at their house. The system looks similar, but obviously has some differences - the radiators are fed with only one pipe, etc. Their system has a siteglass, and we would always drain one bucket of water anytime we were down there, and then refill so the sightglass was right.

that system has lasted more than 25 years now... which was the point when they converted from oil.

At their weekend house, they have an all copper hot water system. It is different than my all iron hot water system.

So, the time will come along soon where Ill need to be using it. I really dont knwo what to do to prepare though... what is the PM for a gas fired hot water heat system? Should I drain water and then fill some back up? Would it be useful to put in some sort of additive to make sure that everything is inert, corrosion is minimized, solids are dealt with, etc?

I turned the heat up one day and the furnace (a 20 year old weil-mclain) fired right up and the heat came up nicely through the whole house...

But that doesnt mean that I should do PM if there is some that ought to be done...

Any suggestions?


its bob is the oil guy not bob is the furnace guy. the only maintenance for my forced hot-air gas furnance is vacuum out the furnace/air box and remove any soot buildup on the pilot light.

for a water system, i imagine they might want you to bleed any air. if you add "fresh" water, you will likely need to bleed due to the dissolved gases in the new water.

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