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May 8, 2003
Rome, Ga
Bob Woods, Thanks for the reply, boy when you ask for info around here you get that amd more. GregH
Hello, Will someone tell me what solvent refined , severely hydrofinished oil means. Could it be group 1? That is what the balance of the Schaeffer's 7000 15w-40 is composed of minus the PAO's which I assume means synthetic base? Thanks GregH
Paraffinic products are severely solvent refined, hydrofinished and are catalytically or solvent dewaxed to provide superior thermal and oxidative stability. This process provides excellent color and high VI characteristics while exhibiting outstanding lubricating performance properties in both industrial oil & automotive grease applications. Naphthenic products are severely hydrotreated to produce high quality basestocks with exceptional low temperature performance. They are used in many applications where higher solvency is required relative to solvent extracted base stocks.
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