Please, identify the maker of this water pump

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Jun 2, 2003
This is not a game or quiz. A larger picture won't help. The maker of this water pump only left their logo on it. Why do I care? Well, it seems that this brand water pump, commonly available for Audis, tends to fail prematurely, and I would like to know how to avoid this brand. Some brands that make pumps for Audi are:

- Graf
I don't think it's Pierburg. Pierburg makes generally excellent quality products and will put their name on the part.

GMB makes water pumps, but I have no idea if they make any for Audi.

I have never before seen the logo with the three arrowheads.
Hmm, the logo is similar, but that's the logo for
a technology prize sponsored by the 'Committee for Defense Technology.' Rheinmetall GMBH is a major sponsor. They are of course known for their 120 mm smooth bore gun that is used in the Leopard 2 and M1A1 MBT.
I have both GMB and Hepu water pumps for my Volvos. Neither has a logo like the one you posted. FWIW, the Hepu pumps have a better reputation with the Volvo crowd than the GMBs, which I believe are made in Japan, not Germany.
I've actually never come across a GMB, but I found out that some Audi models use them. I didn't know it was a Japanese brand. HEPU seems pretty popular. I also know that there is an Italian water pupm for the Audi, and it has a plastic impeller that likes to get loose on its shaft, which results in silent water pump failure.

I'm not sure, but the above shown water pump came most likely as part of "timing belt kit" that is available from an online parts store. Because my timing belt is soon due, I'm interested in finding out about the various brand parts that come with the kits that I see.
Mori, this is the trademark of a Italian company named ANNEX. They no longer manufacture water pumps for automobiles that I know of but they may have a refurbishing operation in Germany still.

Apparently this is a rebuilt unit.
Sorry, I tried to edit my post but time had elapsed. The company is named Annex-Technik GmbH for their German division.
FowVay, that's very interesting. The people who bought those pumps got them as part of timing belt kits, as far as I know. And those pumps keep failing rapidly after being installed. These are definitely the ones to avoid!
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