Please help naming tool

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Apr 4, 2008
Hi Guys,

Any idea what this tool is called ?

Please rewind movie to 1minute 50seconds
Its used to remove the tubing / push it back ...

I need to get it ...
Beside I need some tool to take the clamps that are used on transmission cooler

any cheap place in canada to get this ?

Thank You
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the tool your talking about is just a simple hose removal tool. it grabs the hard line and pushes the soft line back. it saves from cutting the hose. im not sure where you can get it. thats about the best way to say it. it may also be a lexus special tool. Catterpillar makes a bunch of specialty tools. if you have a cat dealer near you, go to the parts department and ask them if they have a tool parts book, or a shop tools parts book. and ask to look in there, any good cat parts man knows what book your talking about.
Looks like a hose taker offer

Some sort of hose removal plyers
Thx Guys :)

Hey Steve :D Yeah I was just thinking about Princess .. never saw it there but I will look around
Steve or anyone from GTA/Hamilton Area any ideas where I can get those ? Ebay will take forever

Princess doesn't have them ... :p
harborfreight - Just love that store ... :) I wish we had some on Canada

Thx Guys :) I hope that I will find some local or Canadian deals because shipping is killing deal ..

Thx !
I use the hose removal tool for radatior and heater hoses,looks like a modified scratch awl.Sometimes I grip on the hose with a pair of pliers sometimes,twisting on it and be careful when doing this on plastic resiviors.
When removing hoses from a metal nipple.....I always try to twist it first. Otherwise, you may end up leaving part of it behind when you rip it off.

Not sure what exactly that tool is called, but I like it. Reminds me of a large wire stipper....I'm surprised that princess auto doesn't have one.

BTW: My BiL lives in Stoney Creek (up on the hill on Highland just east of the "the packers"). What a great store!
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