Please be nice and have a look at my montana UOA,

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May 25, 2003
Quebec Canada
Hi guys,I rely big time on your opinion and knowledge.

A gentleman looked at my analysis and suggest that I may have the beginning of the dreaded intake gasket leaks. I would like to have opinion from others. My warranty ends up in 6 months.

I have no glycol in the oil, but sodium and potassium are apparently questionable.The lab didn't flag it.

Like I've said I rely greatly on you guys to analyse my sample. I started to take sample because of this site and because I knew that I would have some help at undestanding them.

If you have the time tell me what do you think of my result in general.You can also look at mty Century 2002 too !!!

Thanks in advance
While you are having the UOA verified you may also want to have a dealer checkup for this issue while under warranty. If you have the beginning of a problem now but it actually breaks after the warranty is up (Murphy's law right?) least it will be on record that it started while under warranty. If something goes out after warranty it may be tough to get them to help out otherwise..
Anybody else agree or disagree?
Sodium and potassium may just be because of where you live and the air filtration problem you might have.

The lab did flag the fluid as abnormal.

You do need more than opinion. I'd check with Terry and/or GM dealer. My opinion is to check the air filtration system, but I'm no expert.
Baveux if you have a pump I would pull a sample at a bout 3000 km and send in another. The analysis on that last oil didnt really look bad. About right for that engine and mileage. It was the two before that had me concerned.

I would go ahead and spend the $10.00 USD to have Terry look at your results though.

Before this last sample I would have sworn you had a coolant leak. Now I just dont know.

Thanks guys and remember to read from right to left. Oldest results are at the right !!!

Haley 10 , The first sample was called abnormal, IIRC the TBN was low 1.07 and the visc was below average. Since then everything is apparently back to normal

Originally posted by Gene K:

I would go ahead and spend the $10.00 USD to have Terry look at your results though.

It's actually $20 for an interpretation from Terry now, but well worth the money, since it could save him hundreds more in the long run.
Well-I don't see a problem but I'm just a hacker. I think it is worth the money having Terry review it in light of the warranty ending. He will write a report and if its bad you can go to the dealer with it. If something goes sough after your warranty is over you will be able to come back at them.

The century might have an intermittant leak-keep an eye on it.
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