Pleae rate the following Oils

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Jan 18, 2004
Phoenix, Arizona
I was at Wallmart tonight and I was amazed at the selection of quality oil they have there. Anyhow would you oil guru's please rate the following oils? I forgot to jot down the price of the Delo 400, sorry. I tell you the Super Tech sounds like a hell of a bargain.

Delo 400 15W40 API CI-4, CH-4 etc.
Delvac 1300 Super 15W40 API CI-4,CH-4 $5.88 gal
Super Tech 15W40 API CI-4, CH-4 $1.17 qt
Rotella T 15W40 API CI-4, CH-4 $6.27 gal
Rotella T Synthetic 15W40 API,CI-4,CH-4$12.84 gal

Tim C
Thanks Doc for catching my typo. Now can you rate the listed oils. Can you guys rate each one on a 1-10 rating?

Tim C
If you are looking for 15w-40 HDEO, you missed Pennzoil Long-Life. "the Best" oil depends on vehicle and climate. Use the Rotella Synth if you want the best all-climate oil. Syntec 5w-50 might be an all-around top performer for an otc oil.
Except for the Supertech 15w/40, all the other brands would serve you well, just pick the one with the best looking jug .

Originally posted by Steve S:
the one with the best looking jug(s) .


I think Delvac 1300 is good.

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Originally posted by TSoA:
"the Best" oil depends on vehicle and climate.

There's the answer!

With the 15w-40's, all four (Delo 400, Delvac 1300, Pennz. Long-Life, Rotella-T) are very good, but I do have a few pointers:

Rotella-T 15w-40 does not have the really cold tempature performance of the other three
If you are using these in engines that have consumption issues, the Pennz. Long-Life with its molybdenum enriched additive package has an uncanny ability to reduce consumption.

If it was me though, I'd use Delo or Delvac first...probably Delvac. It has a little better additive package and is a little better on the cold pumping, but the Delo constantly returns good wear results in vehicles as well.

If you experience consumption with either of these two oils, switch over to Long-Life and see what happens.

Rotella-T 5w-40 is nice, but there is no need to pay the higher price unless you're running cold weather, and you definitely don't need it in Phoenix.

I wouldn't use the SuperTech oil considering the others cost $6/gallon!

So, to answer your the moment:

Delvac 1300
Delo 400
Pennzoil Long-Life (if having consumption issues with other 15w-40's, give this one a shot)
Rotella-T 15w-40

Can't really rate the 5w-40 with the others...just use if a 5w-40 oil is needed in a car or when 15w-40 engine is used in cold temperatures.
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