Plasti Dip

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Jun 2, 2003
Well, it's not a tool, but since the product is mostly used on tools I figured I might as well ask here.

1. How thick does Plasti Dip go on when you literally dip a handle or something into the goop?

2. Can you layer it? Will it stick well to itself?

3. Does Plastic Dip attack polystyrene or ABS?

4. Can you peel Plasti Dip off polystyrene or ABS, or is the bond too strong?

5. How quickly does Plasti Dip begin to harden after being applied?

6. Can Plasti Dip be brushed on thinly, and if so, will it smoothen out nicely?

7. I know there are some other manufacturers of this type coating material. Who makes the best?
Looking at the MSDS is has hexane, MEK, and tolulene. I'd bet it eats PS and ABS but they do say it is safe for PVC

It doesn't apply as thick as a typical tool's vinyl handle, 2 dip applications is 12 mil according to their website. it does layer and dries smooth.
I suppose I should have checked their Web site.

By mil they mean a thickness of 1/000th inch, right? That would mean one 6 mil layer would be only 0.15mm thin? That sounds pretty thin. I'd need 6 layers to get the thickness I want.

Do you think that 1 mm thin ABS would be dissolved before the solvents exit the coating? Maybe just the surface would dissolve a little? I can't tell for sure what plastic it is that I want to coat. It is more solvent resistant than polystyrene, but not as much as ABS.

I guess I'll test it.
The parts I'm working on are small enough to be dipped or brushed. I don't want to spray solvents, if I don't have to.

According to the FAQ on the Pasti Dip Web site, the fast releasing solvents are gone within 30 minutes. That might "melt" thin plastic.
I tested the Plasti Dip. It goes on much thicker than they claim. It does not attack, it doesn't even etch the surface of the plastic that I have to coat. The coating adheres well, but it can be peeled off. Perfect!
Why, of course I am waterproofing my modified binoculars! The clamshell casing needs some sealing.
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