Planning to do an Agip 5W-40 Synthetic PC VOA

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Jul 2, 2003
Am posting this here since it is not the results of an actual hold of a case of Agip 5W-40 Synthetic PC (API SL/CF ACEA A3/B3/B4 Mercedes 229.3)...did a search and saw no one had ever done a VOA on this oil; ordered a sampling kit from Blackstone today and will let you know when I get the results. Hope this will be of interest to some of you.
HOLY CRAPOLA!! Heck yeah its about time that someone did this!! Thank you very much!! I was gonna buy this oil about 8mos ago but never did due to shipping and the fact that it was SJ spec and MB 229.1 only, while Kendall syn 5w-40 was 229.3, etc. Let us know for sure how it does! If i dont get that, i may try the 5w-50 Euro Sports oil for new (used) VW 1.8T after i use up the 4.5 qts of german syntec and 10L of Lubro-Moly 0w-40!

Glad to oblige...hope we are all impressed with the results...of course the true test will be the UOA...

So that's what Agip makes! Whenever I watch Formula 1, I always see these "Agip" signs with their little dog or whatever it is, but I always forget to investigate what they do...

They are part of ENI. What is ENI you ask? L’Eni è una delle società energetiche integrate più importanti del mondo; opera nelle attività del petrolio e del gas naturale, della generazione di energia elettrica, della petrolchimica e dell’ingegneria e servizi, in cui vanta competenze di eccellenza e forti posizioni di mercato a livello internazionale. Obiettivo dell’Eni è la creazione di nuovo valore ciò si realizza mediante il continuo miglioramento della posizione di costo e della qualità dei prodotti e dei servizi per i propri clienti, nonché mediante l’attenzione per le esigenze dei dipendenti e, in generale, per il perseguimento della via della crescita sostenibile.

Per conseguire questi obiettivi l’Eni punta sul grande patrimonio di competenze manageriali e tecniche delle proprie risorse umane e sulla loro continua valorizzazione mediante un’organizzazione sempre più snella e imprenditoriale

Sorry, I couldn't resist doing I don't speak Italiano, got it from their website. Agip is a major presence in Italy and they used to be Ferrari's supplier until Shell got the deal.


Originally posted by pscholte:

Sorry, I couldn't resist doing I don't speak Italiano, got it from their website. Agip is a major presence in Italy and they used to be Ferrari's supplier until Shell got the deal.

Well, we can let babelfish translate it, in its inimitable style...


L?Eni is one of the energetic societies integrated more important of the world; work in the activities of the oil and the natural gas, of the generation of electric power, petrochemical and dell?ingegneria and the services, in which it boasts competences of excellence and forts market positions to international level. Objective dell?Eni is the creation of new value that is come true by means of the continuous improvement of the position of cost and the quality of the products and the services for the own customers, let alone by means of l?attenzione for the requirements of the dependent and, in a generalized manner, for the perseguimento of the way of the sostenibile increase. In order to achieve these it objects l?Eni tip to you on the great patrimony of manageriali and technical competences of the own human resources and on their continuous valorization by means of snella and more and more entrepreneurial un?organizzazione

That should clear everything up.
i am a bit sceptical about everything Italian in tearms of mass production reliability.
Of course they meet the specs but will they have a costant quality,,,??

Maybe we will just have to do a SECOND VOA on another bottle later on.

That's great stuff....I too was going to try AGIP 5-50 recently but opted to go with Castrol TWS 10-60. Looking forward to your results...
Glad to see there is interest...will keep you all posted on progress so you don't think I have forgotten or changed my I said in an earlier post, I just ordered the kit there value in having Terry do an analysis on a VOA?
The Castrol was more readily available and I thought I'd try what BMW's recommending for some of it's other cars first...may try it down the road...glad to know they have the same viscosity though as I only saw the 5-50 on the shelves here.
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