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Anything fast if I need a fix......BUT, Terry's Pizza on N. Pkwy. in Huntsville, AL is the best pizza I've ever had. In the past 20 years, nothing else has even come close.

I'm sure the Chicago & NYC guys would puke at my fave, though.
Usually home-made with fresh ingredients, and a semi-wholemeal base.

Occasionally, Papadino's, a local place.

Rarely Pizza the Hutt.

Some weekend lunches, we'll get a McCains frozen wood fire tandoori chicken pizza...quite light and tasty.
Homemade with sauce made from scratch,while in college, worked for Gino's Italian pizzeria in Staten Is, NY, glad I did as thats coming in real handy, all you get in India is indigenous version of Pizza Hut and Dominoes, 5 stars do have brick oven but then no one in right mind would blow money for 5 star pizzeria.
Preferably a pizzeria with a coal fired brick oven. There are a handful of these in the NJ/NYC area. Nothing can compare to one of these. I try to avoid the chain places such as pizza hut, dominos, etc etc. pure garbage.
If ala carte, California Pizza Kitchen..

If in a hurry, Papa Johns(nearby)..

If going warehouse shopping and/or while filling up for gas and need a pizza fixx..Costco Pizza.
I prefer family owned Italian pizza joints. Unfortunately I don't know of any in Indy - That's all I eat when I'm on a business trip in CT. Otherwise, its a rare frozen pizza for me (once every three months maybe) or even rarer Papa John's (once every 6 months on average).
I hate the take and bake chain pizzas - and the stomachache that follows. There is something wrong with that stuff......

I come from a long line of southern Italians. Homemade is best of course. I've done pizza on my grill, awesome....just so tasty!
Usually Papa Murphy's Take and Bake...great for $6 or so a pizza. Otherwise, its Sam's Club or Costco's...frozen or ready.
Does Papa Murphy's pizza resemble Italian pizza? They advertised in Indy as being Italian style pizza place but I don't trust advertisers very much.
Have never had pizza from a real Italian shop, so I don't know. FWIW, the Papa Murphy's stuff is on the same level as Pizza Hut, Round Table, etc...
If I were still in Seattle I would get it from Northlake. Fantastic pizza without a doubt. Not many choices here in Lynden for really good pizza though... bummer.
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