Picture of my little brothers new Rivian

Apr 18, 2018
south dakota
My little brother purchased a new Rivian and the truck is extremly quick and quiet. The camera's in this truck show the surrounding views almost as if you are looking down in an airplane. The truck also lifts itself with an air and is supposed to go through snow very well with the AWD. He ordered it a couple years ago and finally received delivery. Yes, that's my ugly mug in the photo hahaha.


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How much was it, if ya don't mind my asking? What will he use it for? I find them a little smaller than I thought they would be. Kinda Taco size?
There is an Apple+ mini series entitled "Long Way Up". Two electric motorcycles and two Rivian support vehicles traveling from the tip of South American to Los Angeles. The performance of the Rivians were very impressive-along with the Harley Davidson (prototype) electric motorcycles. The series star Ewan McGregor.

I have seen quite a few Rivians around the neighborhood.
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I love the front end of it. Very distinct and soft. Everything's big boxy and sharp lined these days. I do miss the softer designs of before. Reminds me a bit of the 97 f150 i had.
They're pretty popular here too, I see them pretty often. Sharp looking truck for sure.
I spotted a Rivian on the highway yesterday and it’s a nice looking truck.

Headlights alerted me of uniqueness from 50 feet behind my car.

Very smart not to have boring traditional headlights.