Picked-up & serviced a 1990 Volvo 240 for my friend today.

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Nov 3, 2002
My buddy asked me if I knew of any good used, cheap Volvos. I always keep an eye out for nice clean cars as friends come to me all the time for car advice. I already knew of one I saw in my travels, a dark grey one, pretty much spotless with 130k for $1850 listed price. I told my buddy to call and offer $1600, the car lot took that amount and I put down a deposit for him as he lives 100mi away in the city. He came and got it today. It did not need much, dist/sparkplugs and radiator etc were new, eveything else was good except the oil and trans fluid were nasty. Being the good friend I am, I had 5q of MaxLife 10w-40 and SUPERTECH Dex ATF ready for him. I own a Pela extractor and was suprised after extracting the oil, that NONE came out after pulling the drain bolt, it got 100%. It also got 3.5q of ATF too. The ATF was black, probally original. I was thinking, why the heck do people or their mechanics not change out $3 worth of fluid? They only get new fluid when they get a new trans, I guess. Anyway, I'll redo it with some Maxlife ATF in a few months and suggest a professional flush..someday, maybe 150k. BTW- it will be a city car...stop-n-go, I coulda used a thinner oil, but this way the guy is covered if there is a bit of consumption he does not catch. I'm a good friend, yes? [Big Grin]
130K miles it isn't even broken in. I just past 326K on my 87 740 turbo wagon yesterday. You are a good friend to find him a deal like that.
ewww, that oil/ATF situation sounds nasty. That B230 engine is pretty stout though. You might want to take a look at the flame trap on that car. If the oil was neglected, chances are the flame trap is clogged. Also tell your friend to keep an eye on the motor mounts. They seldom last longer than 50k miles in my experience. You can do the trans flush yourself with the kit from IPD. I've already flushed my own trans w/Maxlife ATF on my `93 245. The IPD kit makes it very easy.
My 240 is around 270k and still kicking strong! [Big Grin] Some pics of my $600 beast Its at the shop right now getting its trans seals done, as well as the fluid and filter. I've got some Exxon Superflo 10w30 and a Mann filter waiting for it when it gets back.
It would be cheap insurance to drain and refill the tranny again---then drive it to mix and repeat the operation. The cleaner the fluid, the better. In my used Saabs and Volvos, I always started with a case of non-synthetic ATF. 4 cycles usually resulted in pretty clean oil--then I did the synthetic ATF at least 3 times.
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