Picked up a used set of ITP wheels and Tires

Was hunting around on Craigslist and FB Marketplace and came across a set of ITP Wheels and MudLite Tires for a good price. Took the 4hr drive (bit past Syracuse) and picked these up.

The clear was pretty heavily failed and some corrosion underneath. Stripped the clear with Aircraft stripper, wet sanded with WD40 from 320 grit up to 2500. Picked up a Earthquake XT 12v 3in polisher and finished with some Mothers Mag and Alum Wheel Polish. Think they turned out pretty good for some cheap wheels! Looks better than the original Steel wheels for sure.

I have a final pass to do with some more polish and a finishing pad. These went on my new 2020 Sportsman.

Scarsdale, NY
Fills out the wheel wells very nicely. Hope you had enough time on the OEM tires to see and report what going up 2 diameters bigger would affect handling.