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Sep 26, 2017
Under the Hood
Good evening everyone. I always like to read the various threads about preventing crime and the various frauds that are out there. My question is: Has anyone ever been the victim of a pick-pocket ? ? ? I carry my wallet in my back pocket. I have noticed that I can (carefully) remove it and not feel anything. I have to look into this further and solve that problem. When I go into a busy store, I put my wallet in my front pocket. Edit: I wear jeans and my wallet is leather.
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Walleet is always in front right pocket after being in a group where one was removed from right back, without us noticing. At Ghiradellis in SF, had some stuff stolen from a rucksack while I was wearing it.
Front pocket. I can't imagine how anyone could get their hand in there without me knowing. I used to keep my wallet in my back pocket, but my crackerpractor said that not doing so would be helpful. It wasn't very hard to get used to.
I caught a pick pocket red handed years ago. It was a woman. She had bumped into me and acted a little strange when doing so. I had cash in my front pocket and she had it in her hand afterwards. I grabbed her wrist and took my money back before anyone else even knew what had happened. I was with three others walking down a crowded street when it happened. I carry a small card holder type wallet in my front pocket now. It doesn't come out easy either.
Pocket picked in Vietnam, Tet 1967. Big crowd in town and one bump out of many was the crook with my wallet. A year latter at college in a crowd trying to see posted test scores, a guy tried to pick my wallet...felt him, chased him and pounded him unconscious. Tie 1 for them, 1 for me
My pocket was picked in NYC many years ago, happened while taking a date to a play, in the theater. Had my wallet in my front pocket as always. I had about $125. The next day, the janitor found my wallet in the mens room wall waste basket, without the money. I drove home towards CT, stopped to pay the NY toll, and had no money. They called over the state patrol, who then wrote me a ticket for driving without a license and issued an IOU for the toll. I paid the $5 ticket, and NY kindly dismissed the charges when I showed my CT license to the judge. However, my home state of CT's computers refused to show that the issue had been dismissed. And CT suspended my license. That led to a 2+ year suspended license battle between me, the CT DMV, and NY. Cost me an absolute fortune in legal fees, cab fare, and other expenses. It also taught me how to avoid getting caught, the wonders of high HP vehicles and very fast, open class dirt bikes. The words "bureaucratic indifference" never rang more true when dealing with the awful CT DMV and their outright refusal to acknowledge NY's dismissal. A front pocket is not secure.
That's the great thing about being a visible minority. Nobody thinks I have money and I don't wear blingy stuff, so they simply avoid me.
I always thought this was more of a European crime. I have a small credit card holder I carry in my front pocket with DL and 3 credit cards. I almost never carry cash and don't carry my ATM/debit card. If I get robbed, the joke's on them! They get an outdated cell phone that's my employers and credit cards I'll cancel within the hour! LOL
When I travel to touristy places or packed places, the wallet goes into the front right. You are right that it's incredibly easy to slip it out from the back pockets.
Front pocket. Plus, if you stop sitting on your wallet, your sciatica or lower back pain might clear up. If you're travelling or will be in crowds where pickpockets live (crowded public transit, New Year's Eve celebrations, etc) there are quite a few travel wallets, money belts, etc you can use. I like the ankle wallets.
Yes when i was in my early 20's i was in a crowd and my wallet was taken from my back pocket. When i'm in a crowd or where i will use a public restroom its in my front/side pants pocket. When i travel, and there is any risk of a mugging, i carry a gimme wallet with dummy cards and a bunch of one dollar bills in it.
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Yes when i was in my early 20's i was in a crowd and my wallet was taken from my back pocket. When i'm in a crowd or where i will use a public restroom its in my front/side pants pocket. When i travel, and there is any risk of a mugging, i carry a gimme wallet with dummy cards and a bunch of one dollar bills in it.
Pretty good idea!
When we travel, I wear a neck wallet with our passports licences, cards an main cash...you would notice the thing being taken. Made some of the photos look a bit how you going.
I've never had a wallet stolen or anything in this regard. I normally carry my wallet in my front pockets or jacket tho and I like my slim wallets (4-5 cards and a little cash) about half the size of a pack of smokes so it really doesn't show itself from the out side of the pocket.
I always carry wallet in front pocket or this time of year in an inside vest pocket. In my 57 years I have never been pick pocketed, but a few years ago I had my wallet stolen from a gym locker when some kids took bot cutters and cut several locks and made off with a bunch of wallets. About a week later the police called me and said my wallet had been found. The crooks pillaged through the stash of wallets took any cash and credit cards and tossed them into a yard nearby. It is a pain having to cancel credit debit cards, get new driver license, etc. Just last year while at a local coffee shop in downtown Lincoln, my HS daughter had her cell phone stolen when some scam team asked her for directions using a map to cover up her phone which was on table while her partner swiped her cell phone. She filed police report had a phone finder app which displayed that the phone was in Nebraska City area and ended up having to just have the service suspended by the carrier. It was an S7 and expensive lesson for her. She had a friend who had her phone removed from her back pocket while at a NU football game. Surprised it does not happen more as I have noticed many people with their big I phones hanging halfway out of their back pocket. So far in 57 years i have not lost my wallet, though one morning after I fumbled for my keys and put my wallet on the roof of the car, drove about 3-4 miles and stopped to fill up with gas .. got out and noticed my wallet still on top of the roof. I was very very lucky that time.
Have always kept my wallet in my left front pocket, can't even imagine sitting on my wallet in a back pocket. Never been pickpocketed or lost my wallet, I remember a friend having his wallet stolen while we played racquetball in college and what a mess he had to go through just getting his driver's license replaced as a MA resident in MO. He figured nobody would dare mess with it as it laid just outside the glass door of the court...I became completely paranoid about my stuff after that. I was warned about hordes of kids roaming the streets of big cities in Italy with box cutters, they would mob tourists and just slice their pockets open while jostling and yelling at them...former coworker saw several people walking down the street with their pockets hanging down in Rome. I bought a neck wallet for that trip and every vendor would roll their eyes when I pulled it out, but it made sense to me.
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