Pic of my Stash

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Dec 31, 2004
Endwell, New York
 - 53 Total I believe. Stocked up on the havoline synthetic when it was $2/qt... Only 10qts of GC left, and I have no idea what to use them in. 12 Quarts of Havoline 5w-20 GF-4 Dino bought recently on the rebate deal @ advance auto. Got some mobil clean 5000 in there... I'm running the 5w-20 in my 3.5L honda now, and am going to use an analysis to determine if I will be using the rest of the 12 quarts. I'm using the OLM, and I drive the car HARD. Previously, I used GC in the vue and the UOA was great. If the 5w-20 holds up to my driving the same way the GC did, I doubt I'll be using synthetic in it. This car is gonna get some racing miles on it too this spring at the nearest dragstrip. The big test! My dads '00 Venture is using the havoline synthetic for the sole reason that it was cheap. Theres basically no reason his van needs it. :-P
Is your GC Green? There might be some BITOGers on this board living in your area that are after the Green and would want to take it off your hands. [Wink]
It was actually a totally random placement, and I couldn't fit all the bottles in the picture if I did it from another angle :)
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