Photos of Amazon Rivian Van in action


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Aug 10, 2005
Kansas City



I've seen them for the first time last month when passing the warehouses off I94/394 in South Chicago. They were actually driving the speed limit.
I see no dents yet, it must be brand new.
It is new. Amazon opened a new logistics center here near the Claycomo Ford Plant. They got several of the new Rivian vans according to a driver I talked to one day.
They cost $180,000 each. I understand the range is pretty good for what they are used for. I hear that during an 8-9 hour shift, they're coming back to the terminal with a remaining 70% charge.
Doug DeMuro has a video highlighting the many many quirks and features of the Amazon van, but was not allowed to drive it.
they started using the rivian vans in Phoenix Arizona, one of them punctured a battery in rural az and was totalled already. you see the Amazon transit vans flying down rough dirt roads in the country, and they all look like derby cars. im not surprised that they impaled a battery.