Photos in Canon ZoomBrowser get chopped off when viewed in Windows

Apr 27, 2010
Suburban Washington DC
This has happened for years and is just a minor annoyance but maybe someone knows a fix. I store my photos with Canon ZoomBrowser which mirrors(correct term?) folders in Windows. When I view the album on the ZoomBrowser they are fine, but if I look at them in Windows, sometimes a few of the pictures are cut off and missing parts. If I click on said pictures to view them, they are fine. When I find pictures like that, I go into ZoomBrowser and make a copy of the picture, delete the original picture, and rename the copy with the original name. Then it looks fine in Windows. Any idea whats going on. Example below of an album shown in ZoomBrowser,

Canon browser.jpg

and how it looks in it's Windows folder,


Many of the photos are chopped off and missing pixels.
Sep 27, 2015
Windows 7?

The pictures you see in Windows Explorer are pre-computed thumbnail images which may become corrupt (because, Windows). Go to Disk Cleanup and delete the thumbnail cache. The pictures should then re-display properly the next time you open the folder, although it will be slower the first time as they need to be re-created by reading the whole full size image file to resample it.

It's also possible that "Zoom Browser" does something with thumbnails that isn't quite compatible with Explorer and corrupts them.