Phosphorous smell??

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Mar 11, 2003
Sacramento, CA
Sometimes after driving my jeep, i get a phosphorous smell that seems to come from the engine bay/under the jeep. I think i read on here that its from the friction additives in the oil, mainly zinc and phosphorous. What is causing the smell to be released? Is there something wrong?
its kinda like rotten eggs/a burnt match smell. its not coming from the exhaust pipe, or the cat from what i can tell.
nope, not the battery its a brand new yellow top..i'm pretty sure its not the cat, i cant smell anything down there, its closer to the engine.
I smell the same thing in the garage after I pull my wife's call in for a while. It's not real bad, but best I can tell, the valve covers leak onto the exhaust manifold heat shields and that's where the smell comes from. Doesn't burn the oil off, just kinda bakes it real good [Big Grin]
You might want to check your voltage while the car is running. Could be overcharging the battery. I'd suggest a torque wrench when snugging up the covers. Too much and you can warp things.
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