Phillips HD II

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Jun 4, 2002
I as looking at the Philips site and found this,,look at the relatively low sulphated ash as compared to some other oils in this class and the pour point and cP Just wonder what the Zinc content is? Typical Properties: Values are representitive of current production SAE Number Grade ------------ 15W-40 Product Code 66300 API Gravity 31.5 Flash Point COC, C(F) 222 (432) Pour Point, C (F) -39 (-38) cP @ -15C (+5 F) 2900 cSt @ 40 C (104 F) 117 cSt @ 100 C (212 F) 15.3 Viscosity Index 137 Sulfated Ash, % 1.0 Total Base Number 10 API Performance Rating CH-4, CG-4, CF-4, CF, CF-2/SJ, SH I also see they have a HDD II 10/30 SJ oil that has a pour point of -49 F,Cp @-20C 2750, 410 flash and sulphated ash of .085 You know me,still learning but thats a much better oil than their own Trop Artic for Automobile use it seems and must be a premium base for a pour point and Cp like that. Also they have a 5/30 and 5/50 synthetic but no mention of it being a PAO just 100 percent Synthetic but they do have a interesting PAO /blend Racing 15/40 oil That 10/30 HDD and 15/40 HDD oil is over at a local Attwoods for 1.00 a quart Your thoughts? [ August 17, 2002, 04:38 PM: Message edited by: dragboat ]
OK, I looked; the numbers look pretty doggone good. Is the oil in the store you mention SJ like the sheet, or is it SL? Either way, at $1/qt, it looks like a bargain.
Well, for 10W30's and 15W40's, the VI needn't be as high when compared to the 0W30's, 5W30's, 5W40's, etc.
I have been checking all the sites and found those interesting pumping pressures compared to other dinos .Obviously to me I think they are using a premium base stock I also notice in searching there is a Chevron/Philips Chemical? The HDD 10/30 has 1300 zinc as well. Have sent some to Terry to have a look see
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