Ph3675 cut after just 52 miles

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What's the best way to deflect a negative comment about Fram? Mention Purolator! banana
No kidding. Do you think they would have their feathers ruffled if there was a post about a problematic Purolator? I smell a payola....
It's called direct marketing..... The internet has spawned this new category of schlepping products. You can see an advertisement on TV and recognize that it's an advertisement. But when your buddy on the internet provides his candid critique of the greatest oil filter ever, you will be more inclined to listen. People are hired by industry to perform this marketing work and you will see them on YouTube, product reviews on Amazon, forums like this, etc. pandering for brand X, Y, or Zee. From their incessant posts, I would guess there are a few on BITOG. If you watch closely, you can see them chime in together in support of a product from time to time. Sometimes they will even whistle in their handler to make sure they are getting credit for their efforts.
And I guess one could also conclude from the Fram bashes that they are hired to dig up as much dirt as possible - even stuff that happened 5, 10 or even 15 years ago! Therefore, they too must be on someone's payroll. Some people need thicker tin foil hats around here. crzy crackmeup
I wouldn't buy a Fram EG or any Puro for my car and I cringe when I see either on family members vehicle. But at this point, why would anyone stop using a product they have used for years until they see it first hand that it's terrible? I've seen the EG, Puro Cl and Puro P1 with tears or holes in them and will never use them again. But to post one up here that you didn't personally cut open just to bash them is extremely suspect to your agenda. Surely people can see through this.
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