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Nov 16, 2002
I spoke with someone at BlackStone labs today bc of my possible contaminated sample I sent. He thinks it should be ok, but wasn't sure. He was talking about the benefits of synthetic oils being primarily the temperature extremes they provide. He said though that for keeping an engine clean, the pertol oils base is better for keeping an engine clean then a synthetic. He said Mobil made aviation oil at one time in the 15W-50 visc. and Continental Airlines engines wear building up lead deposits. But he said you don't hear many people talk about this, but Petro oils do a better job at cleaning then Synthetics. He was extremely nice but this goes against all common opinions. Is this possible?
I think this person at Blackstone is misinformed. What about the cleaning action of the esters in synthetics? Or the fact that most synthetics on the market have a more agressive detergent package with higher levels of calcium for instance?
Yeah, I don't know about that one either except to say it seems like (at least with M-1) Synthetics 'are cleaner', but not sure if they actually clean more or less than conventional oils....Delvac 1 (and probably other diesel oils)is a different animal though!
Yeah, i'm not sure. I really don't think he is correct. I've never heard anyone say this. In fact, i know it's not true.

Originally posted by buster:
Yeah, i'm not sure. I really don't think he is correct. I've never heard anyone say this. In fact, i know it's not true.

Keats, Deets and Pats, we're all a little misinformed. Delvac is definitely a different animal. Whenever sending a sample make sure it is
a sterilized, glass container. There are the finer points about oil and there are also
environmental contaminates during combustion that many times are overlooked when rating/benchmarking oils. Taken for granted as it were...Pike's Peak or bust.
Hi guys , it is true about the problem with mobil 1 av. oil causing problems in Continental aircraft engines. I don't remember the facts but a web search will help.But I think it was a sludging up problem. Pao from what I understand is not a very good cleaner ,esters are good cleaners.I once put some used amsoil or redline oil" can't remember"in my work van compressor and it removed the gunk from the oil level sight glass .I was amazed!
Thanks for the info. Mobil 1 has esters to keep the engine clean. M1 would to the same thing as the Amsoil only maybe not as well.
I bought some Auto-Rx during the xmas special specifically to put in 3oz every other oil change as a cleaner aid to the Mobil 1 I use. In most repects I like Mobil 1 but from experience I do not feel it has the ester content of Amosil or Redline to be as effective at keeping engines clean. I even thought about mixing some Redline with the Mobil 1 for this reason but decided I would use the Auto-Rx.
Yeah, thats what I've heard. I do think Amsoil and Redline will keep an engine cleaner due to higher ester content. I'm doing the same thing and going to run Rx every 20K or so using M1. Like Terry said, oils can't do both things very well. They have to compromise wear for cleanliness otherwise the price would be jacked up to where the other brands are. I might also take the advice and run Delvac 1 this summer. This aparently has much stronger clening abilities.

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Buster, with the highway driving you do, I don't think you need to run rx every 20k. With M1 or Amsoil the oil should not dirty up the engine that fast with so many highway miles. Every 50k would be more than sufficient (which I believe is once a year in your case?)
Ok, thanks. With all highway miles the engine will stay clean so 50k is more like it. After this coming May, I will no longer be driving as much. Should drop to 30K a year.
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