Petro Canada Duron in BMW

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Oct 29, 2003
Ontario Canada
I just couldn't resist. I stopped in a Petro Canada truck outlet. They had the Duron 5w40 for $5.36 CDN/litre. I bought a case of 12 to use in my BMW before winter storage. I'll keep it in until next summer. I was thinking of putting a 40 wt oil in my car for sometime now. I cannot find Mobil 1 0w40. Delvac 5w40 and Castrol 5w40 costs $ 8.50 approx. per litre. Plus, I read on this forum that Castrol Syntec 5w40 is a GRP.III anyway so why spend the extra money? The specs for this oil are as follows: FLASH POINT: 233 C VIS. cSt @ 40C: 95.5 VIS. cSt @ 100C: 15.5 VIS. INDEX: 173 HT/HS @ 150C: 4.2 POUR POINT: -45C TBN: 10.9
That's great. Where is this exact location? I wouldn't mind trying the stuff as well...I'm due for an OCI soon. Can you post their # and address? Does it say anything about ACEA orBMW ratings/specs on the bottle?
What are the listed ratings?? Looks fine, if you can handle the viscosity. The specs. almost make it look beyond a Petro Canada Grp III blend.
Dr. T. I bought it at: WRIGHT FUELS INC. 180 Cushman Rd. St. Catharines Ont. L2M-6T6 phone# 905-685-7332 See if there are any wholesale Petro Canada outlets in your area. The only specs on the bottle were: -NEW LOW EMISSIONS ENGINE APPROVAL INCLUDING COOLED EGR -EXTENED DRAIN APPROVALS -MACK EO-M PLUS -CUMMINS 20076 -VOLVO VDS -API CH-4/SL The Tech Data sheet also states that Duron Synthetic meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the following manufactures: Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, (4-stroke),Navistar Int'l.,Allis-Chalmers, Case IH, Deere, Fiat-Allis,GMC,Deuts, Continental, Hino,Komatsu and Perkins CH-4,CF / SL,SJ [Cheers!] PS: I understand that the Duron 5w40 beat out Mobil delvac in head to head long drain tests. [Big Grin]
I bought mine at Woodbine Truck Center, on Woodbine in Markham, just south of HWY 7.... $25 CDN for a 4 liter jug. I cannot find Delvac 1 at walmart anymore....
Nothing wrong with Duron. My buddy is hoping they get it CI-4 rated soon so he can use it in his Cummins this winter. If not, the Esso 0W-40 Synthetic is CI-4 rated and under $5 a litre.
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