Personal GC Observations

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GC Green smells like gummy bears - very sweet.

GC Gold has a milder sweet smell. Almost like a hybrid fruit punch.

I compare to the smell of Dino oil which has a very machine burnt smell.
Well, I just got done with ~5 months of testing other oils. I tried Amsoil 5w30HDD, Amsoil 0w30, and Castrol Syntec 5w30. Of all these oils I still have to say that GC is my most favorite.

Amsoil was nice but I didn't notice anything special. Amsoil is a good oil - only negative price was high... UOA of Amsoil showed a little more Iron than GC.

Castrol Syntec didn't have the nice smell of GC and was a lot darker in color. After a 7,000 mile run of CS the oil smelled like old dino and looked dark brown. Noticed the engine seemed louder and rough with CS. Will be getting this UOA soon.

So last night - drained for a good hour - put GC Gold back into the crank case.

GC Gold on the dipstick looks light green (always hard to get an accurate level) and has always stayed that way - even for 5,000 miles. It never loses it's sweet smell either.

After 150 miles of GC I've noticed quieter starts and softer RPM revs. Engine must be happy
. Now to keep from changing GC out every 3,000 miles. Currently planning on something around 5,000 miles OR until the oil starts to darken.

End Result: GC vs The "Best" out there. GC WINS! I've pretty much settled on GC for my car and future cars.

Anyone else have comparisons/similar experiences? Comments/suggestions?

Redline smells very machine-like and very stale coffee-like but uses all polyol esters? Anyone know why this is? The M1 0w-40 and the GC 0w-30 smelled similarly "lighter" with a more high pitched sweet smell.



cheers! Mike
Doc Mike,


Nice first post.

The simplistic answer to account for the differences in smell between Redline and GC and MI, is that Redline is indeed ester-based and the other two are PAO oils. Now as to the specifics of the characteristics of the smell, we will need to have our tribologists weigh in. Of course, I could always point to the fact that the Elves blending plant is situated near the Haribo plant that makes Gummi Bären and the fragrance tends to settle in the empty bottles while they are waiting to be filled with the Elixer of Life, Love and Autobahny Assertiveness. (That is the scientific explanation.)

PS The Elves ask that you not place the GC bottle too close to those They are not upset--you are new to the board--just offering a personal request.
O.H.21, you asked for any comments. I have one. FWIW, I've noticed that (to my nose) green GC smells identical to Penzoil Platinum 10w30, in a side-by-side comparison. I don't know why, because these oils are not the same formulations.
Thanks alot for the welcome and response. I own an Audi with a relatively small sump and a turbo and it sees monthly track days so needless to say i've been just reading this forum for the past year or so since a good oil is important to me to have in the car. Just recently the Autozones in my area started carrying the German stuff so I had to look at it. It's interesting that it seems to smell the lightest or sweetest of the three with M1 very similar and Redline very strong and coffee-like in comparison. I'll have some Motul double ester (polyol and complex esters) at the house next week and i'm wondering if it will smell more like the redline. Not that this matters at all but just interesting anecdotally. Take care.

cheers! Mike
Green GC transforms my Acura 2.0 into something that runs as smooth as an electric motor. MPG hit has been <1 mpg.
Nice photos Doc Mike! Welcome to BITOG.
Never knew there was a "smell" difference between Ester and PAO based oils... I think it is safe to conclude that they must "perform" different then too although the difference may be minimal. lol "Gummi Bären"
Well made polyol esters have very little odor and are water-white to light yellow in color. PAOs are water-white and essentially odorless. Virtually all of the smell and color you see in synthetic PCMOs are from the additives.

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