People selling laundry detergent on Craigslist or at yard sales?

May 26, 2009
Hill Country TX
Has anyone ever seen people selling laundry detergent on Craigslist or at yard sales? There is a lot of this around here on Craigslist and on Facebook marketplace. Also drove by a house this weekend that had a big table in the driveway selling Tide, Gain, Persil etc. Is this stuff fake, stolen or both?? I just get mine from Costco or Walmart.
Yeah, I've seen people selling detergent and similar products at yard sales before. Not always Tide, either. Other brands also on sale. :unsure:

Maybe some of those pandemic hoarders that went out and bought up all the soap, bleach, paper towels and TP need the cash now?

yard sale detergent predates the pandemic
Some of it's couponers, some of it might be meth heads stealing it, in some stores around here they have security tags on the Tide because they'd steal it to sell for drugs or something.
People hoarded it last year. Now that they realized the world is not coming to an end, they are selling most of it. Their stimulus money is probably running out too.
Yeah, at the local food pantry we have to use a black marker and run a vertu
Idle line in the bar code... to prevent folks from returning the product to a grocery store for cash.