Penzoil Platinum Euro L 5W30, 4942 miles, 2019 Lincoln MKT Livery 3.7liter V6 Duratec

Oil: Penzoil Platinum Euro L 5W30
Engine: Ford 3.7 liter V6 Duratec
Miles: 4942
Vehicle: 2019 Lincoln MKT Livery (similar engine in Ford Taurus and Explorer)

I have come to the conclusion the type of oil placed in this particular engine will probably not yield significant changes. The most significant conclusion is using 5W40 in this engine does make it quieter and more refined but thats it!

The Penzoil Euro L is a thick 5W30...maybe it should be labeled as a 5W40.

The absolute best results came from a batch of Amsoil Signature 5W30 but when compared to the other oils there wasnt a significant difference.

Lastly, my testing should not be taken as it doesnt matter what oil you use with an engine. Its just that it doesnt seem to make much difference with this engine...Ford 3.7 liter Duratec V6. I did find there was a difference with the Ecoboost engine line, but with this engine not much different.

I will no longer be testing oil frequently with this engine. I will test on every 3rd oil change.

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Not sure why you're using a Dexos2 oil in that, but the Pennzoil Euro 0W-30 additive package looks a lot better than the EuroL with a big dose of boron...


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Ive tried quite a few different oils in this and I can say besides quietness it wont make a difference for the Ford 3.7 liter Duratec.

The oils I tried from memory were:
Supertech (Warren) 5W30 High Mileage
Amsoil 5W30 SS
AmazonBasics 5W40 Euro
Penzoil 5W30 Euro L
Mobil 1 Delvac 5W40

A bunch of oils and similar results...
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From my experience the 3.7L does just fine on MC Blend 5W-20. My Mom's 2018 Lincoln MKX is currently running 5W-20 SuperTech Synthetic with annual changes (About 8,000 mi a year). You can't hear it run so I doubt it would get much quieter with 30 or 40 Grade.