Penzoil HM

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Aug 20, 2007
So i just bought this 1986 ford taurus from my grandmother only has 66k miles on it! Was garage kept lol.
Looked at her oil sticker looks like she changed it 4k miles ago but 1.5 years ago haha. Changed the oil looked way dark and thin but can't really tell much from just draining it.
Anyways went and bought Penzoil HM and a ST filter am going to do 5k oil changes or 6months never heard anything about this oil is it good? Any oci's with it?
Not a fan of ST filters at all rather wun WIX/NG or MC filters but the oil you did great on,nothing wrong at all with it,will do 5k without loosing sleep.
Yea it runs great replaced the air filter, new spark plugs and wires new fuel filter and pcv valve. Is a fun project car for 500$ glad to hear that the oil is good. Will this oil help with any of the oil leaks from I think just the pan area?
Don't believe there are any OCI's on it. If it is basically YB with seal conditioners in it then it would be good.

Maybe you can do a UOA on it.
I've been using HM and YB for ten years on an '86 Cadillac.
Great oil. There may be a UOA on it back in the archives. GM V8s have intake gasket leaks that add a little coolant at times so the OCI got shorter as we racked up the miles and years.
Almost four years ago. The car now has 165k. I rebuilt the carb with a new TPS. Runs like a top with no engine issues, but isn't driven for long periods. The interior and body hardware are slowly failing, but the running gear is sound. Next item is a torque convertor clutch solenoid, if and when the car comes back to me.
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