penz HM burning concerns

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Sep 14, 2002
on my last oil change i used penzoil high milage 10w30 for my 91 honda accord with 160k miles.

a while back about in february of last year i finished an autoRX treatment and the car ran better and oil consumption was gone.. and the oil never looked as dirty as it did before.

well i never had any oil consumption with any other oil like chevron, mobil drive clean.

on this oil change i checked my oil for once and i saw that it was down to the low mark. thats about a little more than half a quart.

does this mean im burning oil? this engine always sees high rpms. its a 4cylinder engine SOHC.

could it just be the oil...? i mixed like 2 OZ auto rx...i think its my super high rpms though...and i went 3500 miles on this oil.

*purolator oil filter.

i went to penz cause i thought it would help my engine a little more than just the normal oil.

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Is 3500 miles farther than you went with Chevron or Mobil? With 160K, there might be internal wear issues that are starting to show themselves. Your "consumption" is really not at all excessive, especially if you are pushing the oil to its limits with frequent WOT driving and given your engine has 160K. If your driving style has been consistent with all three oils you named, I would expect the PZ to show less consumption. In fact, my daughter's Neon was burning oil at a rate of approximately 1 qt/600 miles; I switched her to Pennzoil HM 10W40 and probably cut her consumption by 1/2 even when she used it on high speed trips in hot weather. You could do a UOA to do a status check on the engine/PZ combination. I'd give it another oil change interval and see what happens. It could always be an aberration that occurred during this oil change interval.
usually with chevron and mobil i go 2800 miles or 3100 miles. but this time i had no time to do an oil change so it went 3500 miles. i never really check my oil because never had the reason time to go under there latley.

i was cleaning out my throttle body with sea foam though...i bet some got inside the oil and then burned off and took some oil with it....

but yea penz should of shown less conumption...yet actually it was hotter temps outside for the penz than the chevron or mobil drive clean. so that can also factor itself in.

you know i was getting opinions on chevron and mobil drive clean and many people went to 3500 miles and did get good results with analysis....

this time around im using the same oil and we will see how the consumption is...

i need a valve adjustment =)
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