Penz 15w-40 Longlife

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Oct 11, 2002
Colorado Springs
Exactly why I installed it genious [Wink] If it got any lower at hot idle with 10w-30, I think the oil pressure light would come on. It only gets that low when coming off the highway in hot temperatures, like if there's a stop light at the end of an off ramp and you sit there at idle for a minute or too, the oil pressure gets LOW. The motor is starting to get worn out.
Just installed some in my Dad's 98 S10 Blazer 4.3L with 123,000 miles on it. It had run 5/10w-30 it's whole life and now the oil presssure is getting lower and lower at hot idle, like well below 20 after coming off the highway after mountain driving. The long life definetally helped a bunch, the oil pressure is much more stable and the engine is remarkeably quieter. I think I'm going to stick with this oil for summers and 10w-30 pennzoil for winter use with the high mileage. Also, with the 5 and 10w-30 pennzoil, oil consumption is much higher.
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