Pentosin Pentospeed 0W-30 VS smells like gummy bears!!!!! Green GC #2

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Apr 26, 2005
Allentown, PA
Well, my package came today from ECS tuning and guess what was the first thing I did? I opened a bottle up to smell the oil and check something. It smells like the green GC does / did and my assumption is that it will perform like the green GC and contain the same properties as the green GC. I am going to send a virgin sample to blackstone labs for them to analyze. Mark my words, it is if not close, but almost identical to the green GC. IF so, then there is no need to worry about whording it and looking for it. The best part is that I cannot read the bottle because it is 100% German [Razz] [Razz] [Razz] -Brian
If the VOA looks close to GC Green's VOA, I wonder if another Zoil test would be in order to verify it really is the same as GC green? BP, What color is the oil?
The oil is not green, but it smells like the old green GC. Like I said, give me a little time and I will send blackstone the virgin oil sample.
I think you will all find that the Gümmi Bär smell that the Pentosin exhibits is the smell chracteristic of Gümmi Bären that come from the northeastern part of Deutschland, specifically the town of Greifswald. It tends to have a slightly salty sweet smell due to the ocean air. Now GC, andererseits (on the other hand), has the glorious air of the Der Schwarzwald, specifically, the area near Freudenstadt. It is not wise to confuse the two. [Wink]
[LOL!] Seriously though, considering they both are blended in the same country, and both smell similar, it would stand to reason that there may be a similarity in base oil or additives, however elusive the elfin technology is. If it turns out to be as good, that would be a great find for all GC fans,if affordable.
Did anyone have any conclusions about this oil? I found a site that sells it for pretty cheap! 0w30 is $31.87/5l Just type the grade of oil you want in the search. They have all Pentosin and Lubro oils. If you order more than 50 bucks shipping is free too!
I just did 2500 miles with the PentoSyn 0-30 in my 04 STi. Came out sorta' black and the valve clatter was enuf' to make me change it early. It does have a slight green tint to it though. The smell? I just smelled it and it might smell like Gummi Bears...but I haven't had a Gummi Bear for at least 10 years so who knows. I replaced it with the GC green and 'wala the motor runs smoother and quieter. It was pricey though..I remembered that part as I got it from my tuner for 45 for a 5 litere jug. I just picked up 13 liters of GC' Green for 58$ waaaay out in the Nevada desert at 2 AutoZones. If I wanted to drive another 200 miles there was 16 bottles sitting on shelf in *&^^%%!!!lol
I just ordered some of the Pentosin Pentospeed 0W-30. I am gonna give it a try in my 01 325i. I am also planning on doing a VOA and subsequent UOA(s) along the way. I will be posting the results soon.
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