Pentosin 5W-40 and 5W-50

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Jun 2, 2003
Has anybody any experience with either of these two oils? Pentosin makes usually very good products, and the price of about $6 for a liter isn't too bad.
German stuff...probably very, very good. BMW's usually all contain Pentosin Hydraulic fluid 7.1 or 11S (synthetic)...killer expensive...but at the price you quote...doesn't sound too bad at all...
Yeah, Pentosin supplies most major German car makers with OEM fluids and lubricants. I think I may just try the 5W-50.
Well, which German makes we are talking about? These are the only ones approved by MB MB sheet 229.1 approved oils ...... Pentosin Pentosynth TS 10W-40 Pentosin Pentosynth 5W-40 Pentosin Pentoturbo 15W-40 Pentosin Diesel 10W-40 MB sheet 229.3 approved oils ..... Pentosin Pentospeed 0W-30 VS
I got a '96 Audi with a 2.8 12v engine. From the Pentosin site: PENTOSPEED 0W-30 VS* is approved by: BMW (Longlife) DaimlerChrysler (MB 229.3) VW 502/505 (1.97) Audi 503.01 (1/2000) PENTOSYNTH 5W-40 is approved by: BMW DaimlerChrysler (MB 229.1) VW 502/505 Porsche PENTOSYNTH 5W-50 surpasses PENTOSYNTH 5W-40, if it is used in high power engines, including multivalve petrol turbocharged engines. It may also be used in racing cars and is very well suitable for four stroke motorcycle engines.
No problem... But, if you have a source for any of the following oils would you please let me know? Aral SuperTronic M SAE 5W-30 Elf Excellium 229.5 5W-30 Fuchs Titan Supersyn SL MB SAE 5W-30 Shell Helix Ultra AB SAE 5W-30 Total Quartz 5W30 Cheers
I would think the German Shell site has info on the Ultra Helix. Sorry, I haven't seen any of the oils you've mentioned here in the US, but Ferrari dealers should carry the Shell Ultra Helix. I wonder if it's $20 for a liter, though. [crushedcar]
Actually I live very close to Ferrari NA, many times I have though to stop and ask them about it, but not sure how I would take it when they mention the exact price ...
Just tell them you'd like to find out how much the oil is before you decide on buying the Ferrari. [Razz]
ECS Tuning sells Pentosin 5w-40 Synthtic for $5.99 a liter. [ June 06, 2003, 06:51 AM: Message edited by: rugerman1 ]
I did a couple of runs with Pentosin 5W-40 in my VW 1.8T. If you do a search for Pentosin or Pentosynth in the UOA section you'll see the results. The oil performed very well in my application. When GC became available locally I switched to that.
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