pentastar engine

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Mar 18, 2011
new jersey
new 12 wrangler, have used synthetics since the late 70's. wondering if i should start using dino as synthetics are now dino based. chrysler says 8000 mile oci. that is a long interval for me, need your expert suggestions. tks all.
It seems many new cars are spece'd with 8K (+/-) oci's on Dino recently, I guess there is no problem but I would use synthetic for that long. Just my opinion
Not sure about the Pentastar,but there are some new Chrysler engines that require a certain Chrysler spec...and its only met with synthetics.A lot like Dexos1,new vehicles are going to be expensive to maintain (vs older models).
Originally Posted By: hemitruck
wondering if i should start using dino as synthetics are now dino based.
That's a silly half-truth by people who do not understand unit operations. Its like saying that group IV is not real synthetic because instead of being synthesized from C and H atoms, it comes from crude and natural gas catalytically cracked. IMO it is a silly argument. If youve been running synthetics since the 1970s and getting good service, then Id say to keep running them. It is surely true that "dino" oils are getting better and better, and the ad packs are more and more important. So the questions to answer next are what is your driving profile, use profile, and oil change interval? I think youll get great service out of PYB at OCI or a reasonable service interval, but depending upon use and maintenance, synthetic oils may be a better option. What have you historically used?
For the price of sun on sale vs Dino, it is almost stupid to run dine especially if you are going to run the full 8k. True question is thou, what kind of interval and driving conditions are you looking to run? This will dictate what kind of oil you should be running.
I would never run dino for 8k miles. you have a brand new truck that you spent how much on? I'd run synthetic. period.
Does your new Wrangler have some sort of intelligent OLM like Ford and GM uses? If so, I'd have no problem running a dino oil to 5-10% remaining on the OLM as long as the oil meets the required spec(s).
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