Pensoil 5w30

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Sep 20, 2003
Austin, TX
Does anyone know how Pensoil 5w30 compares with Mobil 5w30? I checked up the price of Qt and it is $1.80 and Mobil was $1.20 -- definetly there should be something in Pensoil that is better than Mobil else there cannot be a markup that much.
IMO.....pennzoil is one of the best dino's on the market. There are many pennzoil UOA's posted to back that up. If you are concerned about price.......chevron supreme and havoline pretty much round out the top 3.
Iam absolutely not concerned about price -- all that I wanted to understand is how different Pennzoil is compared to Mobil1 and looking into other threads I understand it is pretty good and even some folks saying it is among the best petroleom based fluids in the market. I have been a loyal Mobil 1 user and I intend to switch to Pennzoil and try it out!!!!
If Mobil is working for you, and you have a dependable source for it, I wouldn't pay 1/3 more for Pennzoil. This is from somebody that hasn't used little except Pennzoil for most of the last 30 years. Even if jumping around from one thing to another doesn't cause problems, if you do have problems, it is harder to figure out why. I continue to pay a growing premium for Pennzoil, because I know I will always be able to find it somewhere. Price is more a marketing matter than quality. Look at Fram and ST.
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