Pennzoil's Z-7 additive...Liquid ball bearings?

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Jul 27, 2002
Having been born and raised in Pa. Pennzoil and Quaker State has always been the chosen oil for 3 generations. Except for my 1996 F-150 I had since new only used Bottle Motorcraft for 215,000 miles. Maybe Johnny can explain Pennzoil's famous Z-7 additive package and why it works so well. Is Quaker State a seperate Researched and developed oil by itself?
fatrat540: First let me start by saying the Quaker State is a different formulation than Pennzoil. It is made from a Group II base stock, which I believe is being purchased from Chevron at this time. It uses a Lubrizoil additive package and is blended at different Quaker State blending plants around the country. Pennzoil on the other hand is made of our Group II+ base stock (PureBase) at the refinery in Lake Charles Louisiana which at this time is co-owned by CONOCO (who makes MotorCraft oil). Pennzoil uses a combination additive package from Ornite and Ethyl. We use the additives that we believe work best with our base stock. Now the famous Z-7 additive. First of all, the Z comes from the Z in Pennzoil. The 7 stands for the 7 basic additive packages that are in motor oil. 1) Antiware 2) Rust & Oxidation Inhibitors 3)Detergent/Dispersant 4) Friction Modifiers 5) Pour Point Depressants 6) Antifoamants 7)Viscosity Index Improvers. Young people today probably do not know what Z-7 is. But for the good folks that grew up in PA as you did or if you are in my age group, we always heard about the Z-7 additive package. I remember in the 50's we had the Z-7 Special racing in the Indy 500. It was a great marketing tool. I also noticed in your header you used the term Liquid Ball Bearings. This was another marketing tool that I am certainly glad did not last long. Please don't ask what it ment, it would take to long to explain. I'm just glad it's gone. That's it, plain and simple. [Patriot]
<b>sprintman:</b> I'm probably not spelling this right, but the Ornite additive package is Chevron. Comes from Chevron Chemical. I believe that's correct. If Ornite is not Chevron Chemical, then I was mistaken in an earlier post.
Oronite is a wholly owned Sub. of Chevron. You are correct Mr. Johnny.
<b>sprintman:</b> It was 100% PAO with one heck of an additive package. I don't know if it was better that Mobil 1 5W50, but I know it was equal to it. It was really a great product. Shame on us for switching to the Group III synthetic.
Johnny, I see that you had posted Oranite is in the Pennzoil Fleet oils,,is it in the Purebase multi viscosity and single grade HD oils as well?
Patman, I loved that scene! [Big Grin] [Big Grin] "No, better make that Quaker State!" Johnny, I didn't know that Z-7 was around so long. Oh, and I don't miss the "Liquid Ball Bearings" phrase that much either. [Wink] My favorite Pennzoil ad was the comparison of all the drained oil pans with the Pennzoil pan looking the cleanest. You didn't have to be a tribologist or an expert at oil analysis to see a difference. It got me to use Pennzoil for the mineral oil flush I gave my car early in 2001. [Wink] Much better than the father & son talking about cars and oil (Quaker State)in a television commercial when the son says: "Y'know Dad, They start with Pennsylvania sweet crude?" [Roll Eyes] --- Bror Jace
I know this is a little off topic but this thread reminds me of the part in Fletch where Chevy Chase is pretending to be an airplane mechanic, and he's telling the guy that there is something wrong with the ball bearings inside the plane. The guy looks at him strangely and Chevy says "ah come on, it's all ball bearings these days!" [Big Grin]
Bro Jace: I will be sure to tell my co-wokers in New York that we have a good customer that really thinks we have a good product, and he uses it as an engine flush just before he pours in his Red Line. [Big Grin]
[LOL!] Look on the bright side, I left the oil in for only 20days! [Eek!] With change intervals like that, your counterparts in this state could retire by year's end. [Wink] --- Bror Jace "I was a patriot before being a patriot was cool." [Patriot]
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