Pennzoil Yellow Bottle the Best Conventional Oil?

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Mar 17, 2008
I am a Syn Oil user myself but looking at the UOA reports for PYB seems to show its additive package could rival and does beat many Syn oils. What do you think?
Just the old economy add pack like in QS SM and FS. It appears oddly enough The latest PQI analysis showed the SM pack though they stated it was SN. No other brands I've seen in SN seem to meet piston deposit utilising the old high levels (200-300PPM) of moly dtc with Boron and it attendant high Sulphur.
PYB, Valvoline, Castrol and Mobil all make excellent Dino oils. I'm not convinced any one of them is the best for all engines and driving styles. While a review of additives is interesting, they do not tell the whole story as the base oil or oils are a big factor in determining overall performance. Pick one and stick with it is my preferred way. Ed
No way of really determining that but I do prefer SOPUS over the others.
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No way of really determining that but I do prefer SOPUS over the others.
I forgot to include Shell has outstanding oils to.
Pennzoil YB is a good oil, but may not be the best for my application. I find that Valvoline WB is the best. my car is a Mazda MPV, which has a 2.5L V6 Duratec engine, with a slight smaller (2.49L) displacement than the ones used in Ford/Mercury cars.
Seems to me any company with an R&D department the size of Exxon/Mobile, Castrol, or Shell ought to make a good oil. My brother and I shared a VW Bug in college way back when, we put a zillion miles on the thing, it always got Castrol, though not as often as it should, and the body rusted out before the engine gave any signs of trouble. On the other hand, Shell synthetic is sold at the local "buyer's club" at a very good price these days, so that's what the bikes and the cars get. (Even the "airhead BMW" bike.
All oils that are rated api sm or sn are really good these days saying one is better than the other is splitting hairs some advertise all over and people are used to seeing their advertising so some people use that because they saw them say how wonderful their oil is. Remember you pay for their advertising.. If anyone had the best oil they would say without being sued we are the absolute best and there has never been a better oil!!!!Or how about if you can find a better oil they (whatever company)would give you $50,000... I have never seen an oil company say that. I have always liked Pennzoil but i also like mobil and conoco and a few more. We buy oil that is sm rated and that is priced the best
At times I ponder why I run a synthetic when the engine will long outlast the body here. I blame those darn sales... smile
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At times I ponder why I run a synthetic when the engine will long outlast the body here. I blame those darn sales... smile
Precisely why I started using dino when I bought my scion, I figure the body will go way before the engine does:)
I`ve noticed FS,QS,and PYB all have the exact same smell (I used FS in my gf`s Olds 88 yesterday). They also seem to run the smoothest and quietest compared to any other oils. Is it the moly they all use that gives Sopus oils this unique feature? Are PP and QSUD clone oils as well? PP is going in my Z tomorrow (I also have a case of QSUD). You never hear anything negative about these oils. Can`t wait to try the PP for the first time!
PYB seems to be going for $5.29/qt lately at most parts stores where I live. Haven't checked China Mart because I avoid it like the plague. Meanwhile, you can get Kendall GT-1 Synthetic Blend with a killer add pack sitting next to the PYB on the shelf for $4.29/qt. Mobil Super Synthetic for a few cents more @ $5.99, as well as Quaker State Ultimate Durability synthetic for around $5.99/qt as well. PYB SN does look very strong in the PQIA VOA, but the retail price lately doesn't seem to make it that good of a value anymore compared to other choices in the same price range.
I just picked up two 5qt jugs of PYB at WM last night for $16 a piece! Thats a great price imo. The quart bottles are $4.14. This is going in my '07 Grand Caravan with the 3.8 v6.
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