Pennzoil " Y.B. " : mileage loss ?

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Apr 5, 2007
Anyone ever have loss of mileage when using regular Pennzoil 5w-30 or other weight ?
Gas mileage is dependent on SO may things.
It is impossible to have identical circumstances that would point to oil [same viscosity] alone as the reason for an increase/decrease.
Same here....

If you beleive hard enough and try to justify then maybe it will happen.

Pennzoil conventional normally is one of the best in many vehicles for MPG. (all within 1mpg.. Syn vs conventional vs brands)

Worst MPG I've had by about 3/4 mpg was old Mobil Drive Clean quite a few years ago.

This data is over 5k miles OCIs (or more) and on paper. Not trip computers in dash. GPS verified speedo/odo and filling up at the same pumps.

Take care, Bill
I'm running Long Life Gold 15W-40, which has more anti-wear agents than friction modifiers based on what I have read, and I still get the same mileage. That said, I use a maintenance dose of MMO in the fuel tank and there's a decrease in mileage only if I don't use it. Did you check the basics - air filter, tire pressures, etc?
+1 mechtech2. Your really need to keep consumption records for 1.000+ miles driving the same pattern (route) to get any statical data that is meaningful.
Making just one or two minor changes to your driving habits will save you far more gas than any oil ever will.
false alarm . Got 40.79 mpg in the new Yaris 4 door liftback . So everyone can relax . It ain't the Pennzoil .
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