Pennzoil will fill your engine with sludge!!!

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Jan 16, 2003
Shippensburg, PA
OK... just kidding! I got your attention though!

Anyway... I had the intake off of my 90k mile 5.0 Ford this weekend. I bought the car with 39k miles on the odometer. I have no idea what was used before I bought it, but I would guess dino. I started off using Mobil Drive Clean Blend. I'll have to check my records, but I seem to recall using Mobil Drive Clean dino for at least one oil change when the store was out of blend.

At 60k miles, I switched to Chevron Havoline. At 62k miles, I did an AutoRx treatment, and continued with the Havoline. At 74k miles, I switched to Pennzoil, and began using a 3oz maintenance dose at every oil change. I stopped this practice at the last oil change, since I ran out of Rx.

All OCIs were between 3000-4600 miles, with the longer intervals happening recently with the Pennzoil. All oils were 10W-30. I pleasently surprised at how clean the engine was when I pulled it apart. Check it out:

90k mile engine
Now remember I'm NOT starting a "flame" but in the pic it shows 4/10/ 2003. So I'm
as you said THIS past weekend. I just want to know which date is correct as one year is a big difference
5.0 engines run forever. My brother bought an ex-Florida Highway Patrol 1992 LX 5.0 Mustang at an auction with 105,000 miles. We changed the valve cover and oil pan gasket.......and there was absolutely no sludge. I'm sure the FHP uses dino oil, so as long as you have 5 quarts of oil........these engines will easily hit 200,000 miles.

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My 5.0 has 140,000 miles on it. Has had dino Castrol 15W-40 in it since new, and at the Ford recommended 6,000 mile OCI's.

Don't know what it looks like inside, have had no reason to do any work on it.

When I bought it, I changed to Penrite HPR Gas 20W-60, and am now on Pennzoil Gas 15W-40, seeing winter is approaching.


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